WDTV Live Streaming Media Player Review

This review is brought to you courtesy of my gadget obsessed hubbie. I have managed to drag him away from Diablo 3 long enough to actually write it himself!

“I’m not one for opening a box and reading the instructions, I much prefer to get hands on and see how easy a gadget is to get setup. I only refer to the instructions if I need help… and in this case I did not need to!! The setup was quick and easy to connect to your television. As it has WiFi built in you can run the automated wireless connection manager and once it has found your hub all you need to do is enter your password and away you go. You will be prompted to update the current software which only takes a few moments.

The WDTV box boasts two USB ports one on the back and one on the front for easy access, there is also a HDMI port on the back (although you will need to remember to purchase a HDMI cable if you wish to use this) along with the HDMI port there is a wired Ethernet port. Small and portable sized box. Perfect to fit in your cabinets alongside all your other gadgets and gizmo’s!

WDTV has some great services available from the outset, such as Netflix, BBC Iplayer and YouTube. I am currently a Netflix subscriber and have just ended my subscription to Sky as its mainly just kids programs that are watched (and they are repeated so often!) Our kids love that they can on demand watch their favourite programmes. However the only sources available would be for me to give up my laptop or for them to try and watch it via the Wii. The Wii always streams so laggy with its constant buffering, compared to the laptop. However with the WDTV you are in for a real treat I can ensure you this piece of tech streams smoothly, no skipping or buffing in sight (currently watching SpongeBob with the boys). So already we are making a huge saving as Sky was £20 a month and Netflix only £6 so you would soon have paid for this piece of kit!

Another good feature are the USB ports, I am lucky enough to have USB port built in to my Television however a large number of consumers do not, this feature allows you to plug in an external hard drive or USB key fob and watch or listen to your favourite movie, songs or pictures. Compatible with AVI, MPEG, VOB, MP5/MOV, JPEG, GIF, BMP, MP3, WVA, WMA and many more; it virtually plays any format without having the trouble or messing around recoding formats. However protected premium content remains unsupported such as ITunes movies and music downloads.

For me this is a great solution to streaming quality programs from many sources even over my own internal wireless network, it even has a games menu with some fun games to play with a WiFi connection! Such as darts, puzzle games and card games”

For more information head over to their website and see where you can purchase one. Dabs has them for £72.99 so it would be only short five months of the subscription saving of Netflix compared to Sky till it was paid and after that your in profit, pure saving money time. We already own a WD External Hard Drive, which serves us well so we are definitely keen supporters of WD (Western Digital) brand!

One thought on “WDTV Live Streaming Media Player Review

  1. For what it is, and for the price it costs. I would not buy this. There are cheaper solutions for streaming content that work flawlessly. And if you want to pay this sort of price, wait and buy the Nexus Q Player which will be at the cutting edge of technology for streaming content. 

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