Win a set of OXO’s most popular kitchen tools worth £50

Ooooh I hear you all say what a
great competition, especially if your like us and are loving getting more
involved in the kitchen, then these will come as a blessing! Especially if what you lack in talent (I am
talking about myself here, hubbie is actually getting quite skilled!) you can
make up with helpful kitchen tools!!!

OXO is renowned for designing products to make life
easier. With young children I am a fan
of anything to make everyday life less complicated because frankly my two give
me enough white hairs bless them!

These kitchen tools are also designed to be comfortable
in your hand. If you have a touch of
arthritis you might find these tools really improve your cooking
experience. But even if your hands are
fine it cannot hurt to have some special treatment in the kitchen, using these
soft handled and elegantly designed tools.

The Good Grips range is quite extensive but what you win
will be a surprise! I like good
surprises. But if you fancy a taste of
what might be included in your win check out the website.

Please complete the rafflecopter below by the 30th
of May.

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271 thoughts on “Win a set of OXO’s most popular kitchen tools worth £50

  1. The arthritis thing was interesting as my mum has that and I was wondering recently if there was any kitchen ranges out there that are easier to use than others for people with joint and muscular problems.

  2. I love to cook and im also teaching my 3 year old son too aswell, gotta teach them young 😉 lol

  3. Lovely boys and gret name for a blog 'missing sleep'. I know how that felt I had 2 boys and 2 girls, they are now grown up but I have 6 grandchildren and they love cooking and baking with grandma. Great competition as well. 

  4. What a brilliant, useful set of kitchen tools. Great if you grip issues with your hands. If I win then my husband has no excuse for not helping out as he has pain his wrists and hands.

  5. These would be fantastic – the arthritis in my hands is steadily getting worse and anything that helps is a real bonus x

  6. I'd love to win these for my Mum … at the moment she has to call my Dad to help her with certain tasks in the kitchen (like opening tins) and as he's got a bad foot, that's not ideal as he has to hobble in to give her assistance!

  7. Great comp, I really need new kitchen equipment especially pans, this would be a fab surprise 🙂

  8. I love the OXO range I already own most of their baby range and would lovely to own some for myself

  9.  Having a son who is an apprentice chef means my cooking and equipment is always under intense scrutiny LOL!, Some new tools would not go amiss!!

  10. These are fantastic tools – and even my disabled friends find them useable.  What a great prize!

  11. My Husband suffers with arthritis in his hands and used to love helping with the cooking.  Maybe these could allow him to do that agin.

  12. My daughter has Arthritis and loves using OXO products as they help take the pain out of cooking and she feels that she can do things, so thank you.

  13. Thanks for the competition!  I'd love to win some shiny new things for my kitchen!  What I'd love best of all is some magic device that instantly removes all flys from the room on a summers day when I'm ready to go in there and cook…arghh I hate them!

  14. I'm really into risotto and paella at the moment!  comfort food, when I should be on salads – ready for the summer bikini body- oh dear…. may be 2013 is the year of the bikini body- might have missed the 2012  deadline

  15. oooh a surprise prize, what fun 😉 Personally, all my kitchen stuff is so out of date that I'd be thrilled to win anything 😉 

  16. Thank you for all the effort you put in to the blog these would be a god send to me as now my children have left home i am buying new equipment bit by bit – so much used to go missing / get broken – from mud pies to girlfriends cooking treats nows the time to treat myself

  17. I love getting the kids involved with me when i bake, it can get messy as i have 3 little helpers this prize would be a great addition.

  18. Thank you for pointing me in the direction of this site. There are a few pieces in stainless steel which will add the perfect finishing touches to my new kitchen. ✾◕‿◕✾

  19. These look like great products. I'm a right weakling and have to get my OH to finish off whisking for me. These would come in handy!

  20. What a lovely prize would be nice to win could do with some lovely new kitchen thing as I have just redecorated in a fab OXO red 🙂

  21. I remember playing Hop Scotch in the street, but I don't remember why we used to write OXO at the top.

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