Askeys Crazy Faces Review

boys were very happy Baking Mad let us try out the new Askeys Crazy Faces. They love ice cream at the best of times but
these are great fun. You get 12 cones
and edible faces to decorate in one handy box.

The boys both had friends here on playdates and everyone
was very excited by them. They enjoyed
picking out a favourite face to make (you could have a cat, dog, panda, monster
to name a few, there was plenty of choice!). 
The faces were easy to apply and stayed on until they were gobbled up.

These really bring out their creative side; you could even
add some Askeys sprinkles in the mix for mad monster hair!!! Ice cream will
never be the same. Adding products like
these to our playdates really makes our house the one to be at!!! We will have to be careful word does not get
out or we might have a queue to our door. 
Forget the lure of the ice cream van these are much more thrilling.

Available to buy from Sainsbury’s for £2.09, they work out
as an affordable and amusing dessert. 
The enticement of those funny faces will hopefully encourage your little
ones to eat all their greens (well as always I live in hope!).

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