Babblebib Competition

stumbled across the fabulous Babblebib during my visit to the Baby Show earlier
this year. They have some really sweet
and very groovy bibs available for sale. 
Bandana bibs are all the rage now and one lucky person can win a £15 gift
pack from them. Just imagine how much
dribble that will soak up, keeping your precious baby dry and looking very

lovely boys never had bandana bibs, they still looked cute of course, but these
bibs can be matched to what your child is wearing. If you want a dedicated follower of fashion at a young age this
may be the way to go! There is a huge
range of colours and patterns.

bibs are suitable from four months to three years old. So when you want to despair over the amount
of baby sick, drool and food chucked around the place perhaps reaching for a
fresh and charming bib might go some way to put a smile on your face.

favourite designs were The
Shamrock (with cheeky gnomes), Little
Einstein and Twit
Twoo. I would have gladly paid £3.99 each for them. What is even better is the more you buy the more you save, if you order 3 or 4 bibs you pay just £3.50 each. Frankly with how fast little ones go through anything clean, you could easily make the most of the discount for 5 or more bibs and pay just £3.20 each! Delivery is even included in that bargain price.

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129 thoughts on “Babblebib Competition

  1. Awww i so want these never had them for my little girlie but would love them for my new ickle one!  They are sooo cute i love the vintage rose design as it would make a nice change to the normal pink bibs x x

  2. My favourite is definitely cherry one too. My daughter has a matching cardigan of cherrys and it would match so well. I don't know but there is something about the design of cherry that I find so cute.

  3. I wish these had existed 14 years ago.  my little next door neighbour (aged 18 mths) would look adorable in these

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