Batman 2 DC Super Heroes Wii Game Review

Brothers really know how to make children happy, not only did my eldest receive
the fantastic new game, but a batman mask, a pot of LEGO and a great Batman
LEGO Keyring but they are also responsible for bringing some of the best films
and video games to us the eager consumer!

Eldest has really enjoyed playing the game, which comes as
no surprise as he already owned the first LEGO Batman and played that
extensively with his dad. Although
Batman 2 is even more appealing as it is the first LEGO Videogame with talking
minifigures. The new and original
story, full of humour is also great fun for adults, I have never seen hubbie
move so fast as when he comes home from work and puts the game on!

My eldest is 5 and he managed the controls fine, he used
to find handling the nunchuck and the controller at the same time difficult but
thankfully he seems to have mastered it now, opening up a whole new world of
adventure. He loves LEGO and so using
special LEGO building skills in the game like building stairs to reach other
platforms is pretty thrilling (and I like that the tiny LEGO pieces are
contained on the screen and not all over my house for a change!).

Boys enjoy action, superhero’s and fancy special powers,
so eldest is in his element playing the game. 
What little boy has not wanted to fly or I am quite partial of the heat
vision (how handy would that be if your were out camping, marshmallow anyone?).

“It was awesome, I like Batman, he is a superhero, he
tries to kill the joker and he kills the baddies and I love the game”

His brother is quite happy to sit on the floor next to him
just watching what happens, he has found it more exciting than watching
TV. As you progress through the game
you can unlock additional characters, vehicles (the Batmobile, Batwing and
Batboat) and master new suits and gadgets, meaning there is so much depth and
countless hours of game play here.

Visually the game is pretty spectacular, very atmospheric,
dark and mysterious. The opening
cinematics and the cut scenes are in-depth and thoroughly absorbing.

Available to buy on Amazon for £22.96, a bargain for a new
Wii game anyway but it even comes with an exclusive Lex Luthor mini toy. So it will be cheerful faces all round
(mummy because its great value and the children because frankly it rocks!).

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