Born To Be Yummy Cakes Review

were sent a set of “The Goodness Cakes”; this range is labelled as such as
these snacks are much healthier than similar wrapped cakes, 1/3 lower in
sugar and 70% lower in saturated fat (category average data April 2011). Yet just as appealing to children as they
come in little wrappers with a sticker on each saying something like “I’m top
of the class” or “Everyone loves me”. 
They then can wear the sticker proudly as they enjoy their treat. Mine love the sticker as much as the tasty

My son said I am not eating those ones,
pointing at the pineapple flapjacks; I do not like pineapples he announced
loudly. Later that night I gave him one
without him seeing the packet, he happily munched it down! These are a great way to introduce them to
new tastes. As I can explain to him he
does actually like pineapple now, he might be less reluctant if I offer him
pineapple on its own again.

founded by a mother of two and published children’s nutrition expert, Clare
Panchoo is helping give me faith and trust in these snacks. The products are all a source of fibre,
meaning these delicious cakes give slow-released energy. Much better to reach for one of these then
as we know how well children cope with sugar rushes!

can be quite wild as it is so he certainly does not need extra help in that
department… I despair sometimes at the contents of party bags, I know after
eating all the highly coloured and sugary sweets we are in for trouble. So I think as mums we should take a stand
and cram them with these cakes instead. 
They will fill quickly and play with the toys instead of falling into a
sugar coma next to the party bag!

artificial preservatives, colourings or flavours, I would rather my boys
sneakily take one of these than something full of rubbish from the treat
cupboard. Especially now they have
learnt that standing on a chair they can reach new lofty heights!!! I shall put these on a low shelf and pretend
to be cross, but secretly be happy they reached for something much healthier
than normal. I wish the lure of the
fruit bowl existed but until then these make a good alternate to anything other
than the real thing.

personally loved the Ooey Gooey Brownies,
obviously the boys tested every product but strictly to be able to provide a
thorough and honest review I had to help… nothing to do with me loving cake of
course! With hidden fresh carrot it
came as a surprise how indulgent it was. 
Us mums can definitely benefit from this range too, as the snack size is
perfect if you fancy a treat but are trying to reclaim your pre-child body
(it’s a long and laborious process but might be made more fun with these

Head over to the website for more
information and where to buy.

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