Bottlegreen Elderflower Cordial Review

came home looking tired after an eleven-hour shift and was pleased when I
offered him a refreshing drink of Elderflower Cordial. He thought it revitalised him ready to get
some epic evening chores done (cook my dinner, do the dishes and be my general
tea dogsbody!). Bless I do like to work
him hard!

does look remarkably cheery holding the bottle, if he continues to do the
chores with such a spring in his step, I might treat him to a second glass or
keep a regular bottle in the house for motivational purposes…

ever hopeful warmer weather is on the horizon it is the perfect drink for long
summer days. The bottles are quite eye
catching and would look visually appealing if you were trying to impress
visiting guests. I quite enjoyed the
drink it is flavoursome and hubbie says “mouth-watering”. Although youngest just said, “yack” when he
drank it! So each to their own…

limited edition bottles are available from all major supermarkets. The Elderflower Cordial is priced from £3.15
for 500ml, there is also a Sparkling Elderflower, which sounds quite exciting,
but as I did not review this I might have to keep an eye out for it when I go
shopping next.

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