Dorset Cereal Review

was sent a lovely selection to try out and they made for a very enjoyable
breakfast this morning. Believe it or
not supposedly at least half the population of the UK skip breakfast more than
once a week in favour of a few minutes extra in bed (Kantar World panel 2011), evidently they are not eating the right
breakfast. If you had some Dorset
Cereal in your cupboard you would leap out of bed like a spring lamb!

For me breakfast is pretty essential, I certainly need
some incentive to drag myself out of bed and breakfast kick-starts my energy
levels to face whatever the boys throw at me! 
I have quite boring breakfast habits as a rule, I tend to stick to the
same cereal brand and rarely vary. This
means my boys are developing my lack of adventure. I do not buy muesli normally; I am not sure exactly why as having
savoured some it is a shame I have not started eating it sooner.

boys really enjoyed the fruit, they picked out some of the nuts but nothing
went to waste, the hamster was pleased to find some added to his food
bowl. The boxes are jam packed with
fruit, nuts and seeds.

They really are
very tasty. I will no doubt be buying
the Simply Fruity muesli soon, because I really enjoyed how the chewy sweet
fruit perfectly complemented the tasty flakes (plus I love fruit and can shy
away from the seeds then!).

mum was a woman possessed with the cereal bars so as much as I would love to
comment on our experience, it’s slightly difficult when she made such light
work of them… suffice to say evidently she found them very appetizing!

can find out more from the website including stockists or purchase online.

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