Flexibath Bath Toys Competition

boys love nothing more than splashing in the bath after a long day
playing. But bath time would not be
complete without a whole host of fun toys to accompany them. So I am pleased I can bring this competition
to my blog to win a lovely selection so your child can enjoy bath time as much
as mine do! Please note I am not
responsible for any water than might be chucked over the side of the bath
thanks to one of these cups lol.

set is great to entice reluctant bathers into the water, my boys often have
black feet by the end of the day as they love running barefoot in the garden,
so a bath is a necessity! So I am glad
my boys are more than happy to get cleaned up but it is thanks to providing
them with entertainment in the bath. If
there were nothing for them to do they would definitely not be so compliant!

Bath Toys retail for £13.95 and are available to buy from the whitestep website. What a great value buy, with
plenty of scope for pouring and filling the jug and cups. The simplest toys in the bath are often the
most favoured. I like how it’s so
practical it comes with a shelf to attach to most baths and the colours are bright
and cheery perfect for brightening up our over white bathroom.

Flexibath™ Toys
are made from PP and TPE and comply with all relevant international standards.
Both types of materials are free from PVC, Phthalates, BPA, heavy metals and
other harmful and hazardous materials. 
What more could you ask for, affordable, safe, fun toys for your

They can even be
washed in the dishwasher, how clever is that, banish mouldy bath toys from the
bathroom! Bath toys despite living in
water most of their life are very reluctant to stay clean, so very happy to
know these can with relative ease stay hygienic for my boys.

To enter please complete the
rafflecopter below, this competition will close on the 15th of June.

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158 thoughts on “Flexibath Bath Toys Competition

  1.  I really like the ABC kit for create a world game, these would be good for the children where I work. altough I do love the flexibath toy and at a good price to.

  2. the create a world set looks amazing, i loved fuzzy felt as a child! but we have a flexibath and we love that too! the toys look fab x

  3. Morning, from wet Essex, yes its raining, and dark. thanks for comp, looking at website, DUCKY DUCK, in pink, a great idea natural but helps with mums dread colic, good luck all

  4. I also love the Create a World. I think i would have just as much fun playing with it as Charlotte would! lol x

  5. the raggedy doll is great! my daughter would also love these cups would make bath time even more fun! 🙂

  6. I think the 
    Creative Play with an Innovative Soft Imagination Game looks fantastic. My little girl loves felt so this would be fab. x

  7. The Cozy Wrap is my favourite! I cant wait to try one out when I have my baby here! Worried Imight get all tangled up though lol

  8. i love the flexi bath, it is a great idea, as i am going on holiday soon it would be so ideal for my little boy x

  9. I really love the create a world game, and so do my girls. They love playing with it (although ours is on the floor rather than the wall) and they are constantly talking to themselves while playing with it which shows that it;s stretchign their imaginations 🙂

  10. I love the bath support. Wish they had been around when my children were that age. Feel much happier when using one to bath my gorgeous grandson ✾◕‿◕✾

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