Fudge Kitchen Review

is no secret I have a huge sweet tooth and pleasure in my life is usually
calorie fuelled! So I was very excited
to be reviewing a selection of fudges from Fudge Kitchen. They arrived in an attractive green gift box, which can have a personal message inside the lid included in the price;
each slab was wrapped nicely inside and labelled.

On the side of the box there were tips on storage and it mentions
how the fudge lasts for up to 10 days. I shall
be very surprised if any last till the end of this evening. After a tiring day at work and coming home
to a rampaging three year old, screaming at me… all I can say is thank the lord
for the therapeutic properties of a decent cup of tea and something sugary!

four sample slices were Lemon Meringue, Banoffee Bonanza, Belgian
Chocolate Swirl
and Traditional Toffee. I must say the range of over 20 available flavours impresses me;
I love fudge however it comes, but it’s nice having that little bit of
excitement that you are enjoying a taste sensation. Having tried and enjoyed four of them (although I would have liked Banoffee to be more banana flavoured), I am sorely tempted to
order more to experience the likes of Autumn Medley, Rich Chocolate
Orange, Double Trouble
and Christmas Cake.

The gift box costs £16 (plus delivery), I think it would make a lovely present for any harassed mum like
me! But am sure it would go down well
with most people. My dad loves fudge
and aside from liquorice allsorts and Ales I struggle to pick nice presents for
him. Finding the assortment of delights
available at the Fudge Kitchen, my dad could be in for a treat and enjoy a
welcome change from his usual present.

are very thick slabs so they do last quite well.

I did the kind thing and shared with my boys. Although I do think they need to go back on
their seed diet so I can have the benefit of the rest tonight.

I want to make the most of the handmade, fresh
and indulgent fudge in my tummy!!!

a look at the website to order some or just drool over the fudge sauces and drinking
fudge, both sound dreamy!

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