Jubilee Party

hosted a community Jubilee party as part of the childcare partnership group I
attend. I did a bit of token helping,
setting up food and tidying up, but others did heaps of food preparation and
organising. They have my heartfelt
thanks and gratitude as it turned into a lovely afternoon, which was enjoyed,
by around a hundred adults and children.

did not let the rain dampen our spirits and luckily had a backup plan to party
indoors. Which was a blessing in
disguise really, as I think if we had been outside our food tables would have
been ransacked by invading seagulls.

It is fantastic seeing such a diverse mix of people
getting together and celebrating a memorable occasion. We had flags, bunting, more balloons than I
had puff to fill, and heaps of food as one of the committee members had managed
to secure the Iceland win everything you need for a Jubilee party prize! So we all filled our tummies to the brim,
what will additional donations from attending guests, there was no shortage to
go round! We somehow even managed to have
three strawberry gateau’s in attendance!!!

was a craft table to decorate crowns and a balloon modeller to entertain the
children, I felt sorry for him frantically making balloon animals at a frenzied
rate to appease the massive queue of demanding children. I think he must have been nursing a
repetitive modelling strain that evening. 
Everyone left with a little Jubilee badge to keep as a memento of the

your all enjoying your Jubilee celebrations whatever you had planned and
finding time to eat lots of cake and feverishly wave flags!

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