Leapfrog LeapPad Explorer Apps and Games

on from my review on the LeapPad I thought I would mention a little about the
games and apps available to complement it.

were sent three games to play, a Spongebob Kart Racing, Cars 2 and Toy Story
3. These all contained characters my
boys really love, so they were a hit from the onset. But there are plenty more games to choose from, what is really
helpful is how the games adjust to your child’s capability level, so a game
should never be too difficult and therefore off putting for them. You can even have three sign in profiles so siblings can have their own customized settings, in addition to a guest setting.

They do range in price, some work out quite cheap (around
£10), but even the most expensive are nowhere close to how much you pay for
current console games. They are also
tailored to be fun yet still very educational, with emphasis on sounds,
teaching letters and mathematics. I do
not mind my boys playing these games (like anything as long as its in moderation alongside other activities), because they do not realise how much they
are learning, as they are so preoccupied winning rewards and seeing what
happens next.

When you get your LeapPad, a CD is provided to install
Leapfrog connect onto your computer. It is a very simple process to get the
software installed, and then you can manage what files and games are on your
LeapPad Explorer. When you first access
the program you are prompted to make a parents account with Leapfrog, this is
essential if you want to purchase apps. Given we were also kindly provided with
£15 credit we were eager to see what was available from the App Centre.

The App Centre was crammed with over 100 apps varying in
price from £3.50 to £20.00, with lots of choice if you are after an eBook, game
or learning video. I particularly like
the ease of having new content available for my boys, without having to place
an order on a website and then wait ages for a new game to arrive in the
post. It is very convenient to my
lifestyle, if I am feeling slightly frazzled and need a little bit of R&R I
love that I can for the sake of a few pounds download something thrilling and
put my feet up for a little (every mum deserves a rest!).

My eldest absorbs everything at the moment; he is
especially interested in wildlife. So
he had to have a “Discovery Corwin’s Quest: The Blue Whale’s Tail Video”. I might have myself a little David
Attenborough in the making. The video
was pitched perfectly to his level and the film is very well done, with plenty
to intrigue and excite a young mind. We
also downloaded Busy Builder, where he had to solve a puzzle by moving
trucks, and a Go Diego Go eBook.

Here is a little video showing the three apps in action.

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