Lou Lou Review

love books, given how many reviews I have done for them lately might give you
some idea. But it’s surprising how you
can still find little gems with new subject material out there. I liked this very real book. The illustrations of the Maldives were quite
beautiful but other sections quite dark and moody, they really set the scene
for what you are reading.

is a good book to introduce your children to the effects of global
warning. It is very educational
learning about our impact on the environment (meaning ocean levels are raising
impacting life on the island). Sadly in
the story Lou Lou, her family and many others are forced to leave their

descriptive text highlight the sorrow of moving away and then suddenly the book
is full of colour and magic with the appearance of a mermaid with a magical
necklace for Lou Lou.

I must admit I envy Lou Lou for her list of important
possessions, a map, book of dancing and an encyclopedia. Shows how bright this six year old is with
simple needs and wants. If I asked my
five year old about his am sure his favourite possessions would be the Wii and
his DS (maybe a good thing we will be living without them for a week soon!).

book leaves it open ended for plenty more adventures about Lou Lou’s travels
finding a new home. The author Safia
Guerras has travelled extensively so you know that what she writes will be
engaging and enriched in culture. 
Possibly helping your child develop a love of exploration and a thirst
for knowledge about the world around them.

addition of a glossary at the end is very helpful so the targeted primary
school readers can develop their comprehension.

an RRP of £9.99, Lou Lou is available in all good book shops. I feel sad I was so ignorant of how catastrophically affected the islands have been by climate change, so I am glad to read books like these to hopefully educate and inform my boys.

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