Mini Moos Review

My boys were sent two of the available varieties to get
their teeth into! These chocolate bars
are dairy free, lactose free, gluten free, wheat free and suitable for
vegans. Given all those free from you
would think perhaps they might taste pretty awful but I was surprised and
impressed with them as were my children.

My boys do not have any special
dietary needs but I thought it was good to review them for any parents
following my blog who have children who do. 
Your children may feel they might be missing out unable to eat
conventional chocolate. Well I am sorry
they will not be losing out in the slightest! 
I might have to “develop” some intolerance just so I have a valid excuse
to keep buying them!!! Your children
can have one of these bars in their lunchbox and no longer woefully pine for
whatever a lucky friend has for their lunch.

The packets are sweet with the characters
Rosie Rabbit for the Scrummy Hunny-Comb Bars and Mungo Mouse for the Juicy
Sultana Bars. But as funny as the packets
are, the factory is very serious and rightfully so. Made in a UK factory they ensure the machinery has never been
used with any ingredients that contain milk. 
So no bar will ever be contaminated with any milk residue, which is very
reassuring if your children have a bad reaction to milk.

This alternate to chocolate is
not only organic but also very similar to the real thing. If you offered it to someone without the
packet, they would have no idea it is dairy free. The toppings make the bars look very appealing and mouth
watering. Studded with honeycomb pieces
or big sultanas in either case, visually I wanted to give them a chomp! Taste wise we were not disappointed the
smoothness of the chocolate with the exciting topping combines for a pleasant
and satisfying chocolate experience!

Head over to the website for more
information and stockists.

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