mOmma Toddler Competition

youngest son was a huge fan of eating his food then chucking his plate on the
floor afterwards (I was not kidding previously when I mentioned he is semi
feral!), so plastic plates became something of a must in our household… I
cannot even blame it on him being part Greek (seeing as he has English and
Welsh roots).

So it is with pleasure I bring you a competition for not
only a plastic plate but so much more. 
Mealtimes are so stressful, food is lobbed randomly around the place,
after a couple of bites that actually manage to hit their target, boredom sets
in and the moaning starts to leave the table. 
Well hopefully for the winner this could soon change, they can enjoy an
all singing all dancing Developmental Warm Meal Set.

fork and spoon are shaped in an interesting manner, which should spark some
enthusiasm to stop them decorating the kitchen in food and get down to the
process of eating. The perfect set for
children taking the first step to independence and feeding themselves, for one
the non-slip and non-flip technology will completely baffle them and keep them
guessing… in-between enjoying the rocking motion of the spoon and fork!

buy your set head over to Amazon and part with a very reasonable £13.99, but
make sure you also complete the rafflecopter below by the 12th of
July because winning is a nice feeling too.
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82 thoughts on “mOmma Toddler Competition

  1. I don't have any children but I would like to win this prize to donate to charity to go to Romania.

  2. My youngest daughter has a habit of offering her 2 brother and sister items from her plate or offering to swap, eg, a potato for a carrot!

  3. Always playing with her hair when shes got food/sauce over her hands. The more messy her hands are the more happy she is

  4. at 8 months his new habit is picking his food up & squishing it as hard as possible in his hands, fun & messy times 🙂

  5. Holding the bottle herself since she was 5 months old and won,t let go of it until she has finished the milk

  6. every since she was tiny she has being indipendant she does not let me feed her at all i guess that is a good thing but i would have liked to baby her x

  7. My little one has always been determinded to feed herself, she has to hold the spoon with me or it ends in tears!

  8. my 19 mth old boy tries to 'hide' the food he doesnt want underneath his plate – drives me crazy lol! x

  9. My son used to like to chuck the whole plate on the floor and then lean over his highchair looking at it!

  10. My son has to have everything in a bowl and also insists on using a spoon. Even when eating toast and cake

  11. My daughter insists on mushing everything I put in front of her with her fists, then laughing 

  12. every meal time my lil boy tips his bowl so it all goes flyin on floor then he wonders were his food has gone x

  13. My sons habit at the moment is just point blank refusing to eat 🙁 So any ideas any one has to help will be welcomed! Xx

  14. My daughter has just started leaning right back and tipping her head as far back as posssible and laughing at the ceiling!!

  15. My little one is just ready to move onto solids so as yet has no interesting or strange habits! But one of my older children used to love eating with his fingers and then rubbing it in his hair whilst laughing hysterically!

  16. My FLynn makes so much noise, but it does mean he's enjoying it! He claps, points, squeals althroughout his meals!

  17. Chlo likes to sneakily feed the dog – but doesn't seem to realise that means she loses her food and screams when she realises it's gone!

  18. What a clever idea definitely need this my youngest is 2 and his plate and cutlery always end up on the floor then he likes to smear his unwanted  food over the table except if it's meatball's he never leaves any of them lol x

  19. Daisy likes to eat her food in layers. So if she has a sandwich she will take the top bread off, lick the margarine off it, then eat the bread, the filling, the next lot of margarine then the last bit of bread…..don't know where she gets it from but I did notice her Daddy doing a similar thing with a mars bar recently! @piperanddaisy 

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