Munchy Seeds Review

We were sent a selection of Munchy Seeds to sample. I am keen to introduce my boys to healthier
alternatives (instead of the highly sugared and colourful sweets they
unfortunately tend to favour) and introduce them to new nutritious tastes.

I myself am not a fan of seeds but I do not
want my refusal to eat them to rub off on my boys. Having seen how well received they were; I shall have to make a
habit of buying them again.

My boys could not get enough of
the Choccy Munchy Seeds with Apricot or which really surprised me the Chilli
& Ginger variety. The hamster was
also keen to get in on the review and was eyeing them jealously through the
holes in his bars…

The Honey seeds and Vanilla
Pumpkin seeds were also highly popular. 
I was force fed a couple by the boys but unfortunately my dislike of
seeds still stands, I just put on a brave face for them seeing as they were
enjoying them so much! My boys were not
so keen on a couple of the varieties we were sent, but on the whole they were a
hit. The ones they turned their nose up
were gratefully received by my mum, who is rather partial to all seeds, I am
sure she must have been a bird in a past life!

You can order them online off
their website. If you have not tried introducing
them to your children yet I would definitely recommend giving it a shot. I can feel smug if the health visitor asks
any probing questions about their diet! 
And mention their love of healthy seeds…

I can also imagine all the teachers at my son’s
primary school admiring the contents of his wholesome lunchbox and nodding approvingly!

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