My fitness challenge – the reality!

Well I have unwrapped the DVD and actually made my first
tenuous step into actually working out! 
I loved the introduction because I could really relate with what Davina
was saying. Being a mum of three kids
she struggles to find time to work out. 
It is difficult juggling their social lives, work and exercise; this is
why a DVD works well.

You can fit it in
when you can. Ideally three times a
week she said for a washboard tummy… 
combined with a healthy diet. I
think three times a week is slightly optimistic for me and as for a healthy
diet, I am not ready to give up my chocolate habit just yet! It is my indulgence after a hard day
breaking up two squabbling boys…

experiences of
Davina Ultimate Target DVD so far:

It is very clear with helpful tips
for good posture and making the most of the exercise (like “push your bum up!”)

It was surprisingly quite good fun,
its hard to feel like your working out so hard with Davina smiling like a
Cheshire cat and looking so damn happy!

The music is pretty funky, which
even had the boys up and doing the workout

You really feel your muscles have
had a decent workout by the end of it!

Tune in next week for another instalment! Maybe by then I can beg or borrow some
proper dumbbells. My tin of Prunes and
Baked Beans not really looking particularly stylish…

I do hope I have some decent stomach
muscles by the end of it, I want a good after shot for My Family Club!

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