Organix Selection Box Review

We were sent a lovely box with some Organix treats in
there to celebrate their 20th anniversary. Given the fabulous assortment, which included some firm
favourites of my youngest, I took it along for our weekly swimming and luncheon
session. He kindly shared the contents
with his best buddy and according to him his “Whit Woo”. They proved very popular as was to be
expected with Organix, they are definitely a brand much loved by children.

They are tasty, interesting snacks (even I do not mind a
nibble on these except perhaps for the Tomato Veg and Oat Bars, which
unfortunately I do not like in the slightest but then its not aimed for me!)
and much healthier than other equivalents. 
So I was happy for the two of them to help themselves, being organic and
junk free, it is hard to find fault with them.

The box definitely brought a little fun to our
picnic. All these snacks would be
perfect for school lunchboxes.

The box included one of the new Mighty Meals, the range of
flavours sound quite appealing, whilst introducing children to proper meals and
big chunks of food. They do look
appetising and if you have a reluctant eater, it might be worth giving these a
try. Designed for 1 to 3 year olds they
have no added salt or preservatives. 
Youngest just had it for an early dinner as his brother is on a
playdate. He actually seemed to enjoy
it (Tasty Beef Stew & Dumplings). 
Although I did have to sprinkle some cheese on top, but then he is
cheese mad! It also smelt quite nice and was only a quick bing in the microwave so very convenient.

You can find out more on the Organix website about the new
range and all the snacks in general.

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