Orion Books Early Reader Review

Despite having enough books to start our own well-stocked
library, we had yet to come across these great books by Orion.

They sent us three to get started. Each were interesting, engaging and with appealing topics for children. The plentiful colourful illustrations are
great for my two boys to keep them attentive and focused on the story. These books will definitely help eldest make
steady progress with his reading.

The Big Sticky Bun

I liked best how being well-behaved and helpful means your
more likely to earn a bun. Which should
hopefully set a good example for my two. 
Two of the three mini stories have some tricky moments between siblings,
which brings some welcome humour to the book!

Horrid Henry’s Sports Day

Horrid Henry despite some very challenging behaviour is
still quite a likeable character. I
hope though my boys never place him as their role model… he does enjoying
getting up to mischief! However it does
mean for boys particularly this book is especially entertaining. If you are struggling to get them interested
in books I am pretty sure Horrid Henry would be the way to go.

Horrid Henry even brought in a reference to the goings on in
Ancient Greece. So some educational
value amongst all the pranks! Eldest
has his sports day next week – I just hope he has not got any funny ideas…

Cudweed in Outer Space

This is an exciting story about building a spaceship from
scratch with the help of a pet monkey. 
Having foolishly thrown away the instructions it does take slightly
longer than planned but finally Cudweed sets off to space. At which point they face the drama of almost
being hit by a missile and crash landing on a large gooey alien invested
planet, thankfully the bottom-scratching monkey comes to the rescue!

With an RRP of £4.99 each, they are a relatively inexpensive
way to kick start a lifetime love of reading. The website has more information and stockists.

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