Roaming Reporter

is some exciting news afoot on the Missing Sleep blog…

of my closest and dearest friends and my boys god mummy is going to become my
London correspondent. She will be
attending some fabulous events over the next couple of weeks and reporting back
here, with pictures and a little write-up. 
How fancy do I sound now I have staff on board (admittedly unpaid but

runs her own successful children’s clothes website at the fabulous
DaisychainBaby, so do go along and have a nose if your children are from
newborn to six years old. With a
background that involves a journalist course am sure she will make for a very
interesting read.

used to be across the corridor buddies at university and although we do not see
each other nearly as much as we should, our friendship has endured and stayed
strong and am so pleased she is willing to hike around for me. Bless her cottons. Am hoping she will also indulge in some treats in the process
because frankly she deserves them!

So any of my blogging friends who come across her please give her a warm hello!

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