Sonic the Hedgehog Toys Review


My eldest was positively beaming when he opened a delivery from Tomy and realised he would be doing a Sonic the Hedgehog toys review.  As much as I like the prickly fellow above, my son is all about the blue action figure version!

It was Sonic toy, after Sonic toy to open and admire!  It really was a very lucky day.

Bless they really made him a happy and surprised bunny.  Sonic is everything at the moment so these toys meant he could really get stuck into imaginative play.

We thought the best way to show them in action was to create a video of his experience of them. After all Tomy do not just make toys, they help make adventures as you will soon see.

So I am pleased to introduce you to Sonic Adventure 1000, a battle is about to commence; the goodies against the baddies… will good conquer evil? Watch the video to find out.

Watch Our Sonic the Hedgehog Toys Review

The toys are strong, hardwearing and extremely popular. I know amongst all of my son’s friends Sonic is somewhat of an icon.  With his super speedy skills, he is much loved by the youngsters of today. Purchasing the action figures will be a sure fire hit for your child, letting their imagination run wild as they come up with different play scenarios.  It’s great that a love for a computer action figure can translate to real life play away from screens.  I am all for children having time properly playing.  Screen time sadly dominates a lot of our children’s time, but figures like this will help bridge the gap.

Now I have got you thinking head over to the Tomy website and make a mental note.  These would be great as Christmas presents (the video says it all!).

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