Organix Goodies

Children are always hungry and to be honest I run out of
snack ideas during the course of the day, after various fruits, yoghurts and
lumps of cheese, they grind me down to try and get me to open the treat
cupboard! Luckily they cannot reach it
on their own yet, well they could if they pulled up a chair, but they only seem
to do that to get into the fridge freezer…

where Organix come to the rescue with no junk (no added salt, processed sugars,
colourings or flavourings) lurking inside; it’s a healthier alternative to all
the chocolate, sugary sweets and cake I keep in stock (for myself in moments of
weakness of course). My boys actually
really like their snacks. They have a
huge selection and are fun and tasty, meaning I am no longer at a loss when it
comes to picking something nutritious for them to eat!

have just reviewed some Organix snacks and all that were left were the

The cartoon
characters are quite sweet, although their “hungry” and “thirsty” requests are
nowhere close to how loud and grouchy my two get! Organix really know what is important for children, exercise,
being in the fresh air and having plenty of Organix drinks and snacks to keep
energy levels topped up! Maybe if I
mastered that combination my two would be little angels!

over to their website for more information and to purchase some. I am impressed you can get the range online,
as I always sulked, as our Supermarket did not have all the boys’ favourites.

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