Video Easy 3 Review and Competition

With all the video reviews we have been doing lately hubbie has been pulling his hair out trying to find the best and quickest on the market. Luckily MAGIX came to the rescue asking us to review their Video Easy 3.

Hubbie was impressed from the outset as he could directly edit from the VOB file which our Sony handy cam outputs to, previously he had had to convert it to another format. Another great feature and a fantastic time saver, was the scene recognition facility, with a couple of clicks of the button and hey presto your 20 minute footage is now in separate easy to chop and change blocks.

Some utilities that bode well are the text over integration which has great previewing and adjustment qualities allowing you to play the text anywhere on the screen and it also allows you to animate the text, which finally makes text overlays a simple but powerful tool in presentation. I can see our vblogs finally looking more professional.

Hubby also loved the sound over options, one option allows you to put background music on your movie and the other allows you to voice over the movie as its played, no more recording a clip and trying to overlay it correctly! You can also remove sound on the video, for example if what the children are doing on the video is great BUT youngest decides to shout “the winner is a boobie” (as he did in one of our latest Orchard Toys games reviews!!!) in a clip, it is simple to correct the small problem! With three audio settings, it is so easy to control the volume of the original sound, background music and commentary.

Now you have your movie finished you have a number of ways to publish it, you can directly publish your movie to Facebook, Youtube or the MAGIX online album or save it on your computer, burn it to disc or save it to your mobile device. You can choose from four quality options when saving into a video format; Web quality (640 x 480), DVD quality (720 x 576), HD 1 quality (1280 x 720) and HD2 quality (1920 x 1080) and you can choose from three formats Windows media player for lower quality, mpeg 2 for the middle of the range quality and mpeg4 for the best quality (Of course all of these are dependent on the quality of the original footage!).

Hubbie is so impressed with this program I can see him eagerly beavering away making a gaming video next (my loveable geek!). With easy video editing, he has much more free time to get baking again – always a bonus!

The best place to buy this software is from their online shop. It has an RRP of £39.99 and I for one think it is a very worthwhile investment. Keep an eye on their facebook page as they do regularly run competitions there.

We have kindly been offered another software activation code for one lucky winner. If you would like to enter please fill in the rafflecopter below by the 5th of July.
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79 thoughts on “Video Easy 3 Review and Competition

  1. i dont have any video software so this would be great for when i am doing videos of the kids – like the fact you can remove inappropriate things they say too!

  2. Would be fab to have an easy to use video editing software especially as i haven't got any yet. Would also mean I could start doing video reviews as well!

  3. I would love to win because we have so many videos of Charlotte (3 and a half) and I desperately need to edit out the bits where she starts moaning that I'm videoing her singing or when she stands there silently for 5 minutes before beginning her dance…lol x

  4. I take so many videos but almost every one is spoilt by my dodgy camera work or some random gob in the background! This would really help me make my videos watchable

  5. I love new 'toys' I've never done anything like this so with young nieces to film it will get a lot of use.

  6. This year I have promised myself that I will document time spent with my family and fun days out. I'd like to win so I could easily edit all the footage I've taken this year – of the cat in 'crazy' mode, of my husband (in varying modes, from crazy to asleep and snoring) and of my parents, just being their usual funny selves! 

  7. I have tons of video that I have taken of my son and have done nothing with it, I think it is about time I got creative and this sounds as if it would be great

  8. it would be great to keep the memories all in one place, we love to video the children but this sounds like a creative way of making those memories special 

  9. I have some old videos of my late Dad on small video tapes. This would be perfect to preserve these priceless memories forever

  10. I've got so much footage but nothing to actually make it into something worthwhile watching – this would be perfect!

  11. Id love to try this out, my father in law recorded bits of our wedding last year, but we havent put any of it together yet (as we dont know how!)

  12. i have so many photos and videos stored on my laptop and would love to be able to do something fun with them

  13. I have loads of videos on my camcorder yet never do anything with them which means they never get watched. I'd like to do something about this.

  14. we like to video our girls growing up but you end up with so much footage thts unwanted, i need a simple way to edit footage this sounds simple to use which is just what i need

  15. I would like to because I've always wanted to get into video/ audio production but never been able to get the software and this would help so much to get a career I would enjoy 🙂

  16. I have loads of videos I would love to edit, but I find all the other video editers on the market very confusing! By the look of this, it would be simple! I'd love to be able to send over properly edited clips of my children to the family who have emigrated.

  17. i'd love to win because it sounds wonderful. I am not too technologically minded so this sounds like it will make me look like a genius!

  18. I'd love to win because I'm really interested in starting a video blog, and this looks like the perfect start!

  19. This looksmamazing, i have loads of vidoes on my mobile and digital camera and would lve to do something with them, which this software looks idea for

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