Breastfeeding Support Guest Post and Competition

Kate from Life, Love and Living with Boys has kindly written a guest post about breastfeeding for my blog.

Over to Kate

“I’m a Breastfeeding Peer Supporter which means I have been given training by my local Infant Feeding Co-ordinator to enable me to support other women who want to breastfeed. I attend local support groups and spend a couple of hours a week on the maternity ward helping mums and supporting the midwives. I breastfed my oldest until I was given incorrect advice from a health professional which led to us stopping before we were ready so I’m determined to help and support other Mums who want to breastfeed and also raise awareness so parents can make an informed choice on how they feed their baby.

I am also a lover of cake (who isn’t) and baking, writing my blog and watching Corrie which is only possible thanks to a certain PVR system (google it!)

Top Tips for Breastfeeding

It Shouldn’t Hurt – A major myth concerning Breastfeeding is that it will hurt at first but once your nipples toughen up, it’s great! I thought this was the case when I fed my first son and spent weeks nursing my cracked nipples slapping on the lansinoh at 4 in the morning.
If breastfeeding is painful then something isn’t quite right. Speak to your midwife, or breastfeeding support worker and find your local support group.

If you are in pain you will more than likely experience blocked ducts alongside the cracked nipples and most importantly your baby won’t be feeding effectively leading to possible weightloss and low milk supply.

Position and Attachment are key so attend local Infant Feeding Workshops or Breastfeeding Courses whilst you are still pregnant. Take your partner along since they will remember tips you won’t and their input will be invaluable in the middle of the night.

Feed On Demand – Breastfed babies need to feed at least 8-12 times in 24 hours. Give your baby free access to the breast and feed whenever they give feeding cues. The more baby stimulates your breasts by feeding, the more milk you will produce and this is really important in the early days. A newborn’s stomach is only the size of a marble and breast milk is easily digested so frequent feeds are essential.

What Goes In Must Come Out – As you can’t measure the amount if breast milk your baby is getting, you must keep an eye on the number of wet and dirty nappies as an indication of how it’s going. Newborn’s should be having one wet nappy at one day old, two at two days, three at three days etc. They should have one dirty nappy for each day of life up until day three or four then at least three per day after that but as breast milk is a laxative, the count could be higher. The colour of poop is very important and it should go from the black meconium on day one through brown/green/mustard to yellow which is the colour it will typically stay until you introduce solids at about six months. Please note: You will discuss poo with anyone and everyone from the second your baby is born until they are well past potty training!!!

Local Support Group – They offer a brilliant opportunity to get out of the house and build up your confidence feeding in front of strangers in a safe environment. No one will bat an eyelid when you need to feed, there will be peer supporters and/or health professionals at the group to help with queries and you can enjoy a drink and a chat with Mums who know exactly how you are feeling. It’s also a great way to meet new friends and socialise your little one with other babies. Lots of Mums decide to meet up outside the groups in local cafes and it’s much less nerve-racking feeding out and about with a breastfeeding friend.

Packed Lunches – Ask family members or your partner to make you packed lunches if you will be alone during the day. That way, when baby is feeding frequently in the first few weeks, you can grab it from the fridge in seconds and munch on your lunch with your free hand.

Read Up on Breastfeeding – The internet is a fabulous source of information on breastfeeding but beware that not all the advice on the World Wide Web is reliable.


  • Seek advice the minute you feel discomfort or pain, don’t suffer in silence.
  • Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Yes breastfeeding is natural and normal but both you and baby need to learn the basics and getting stressed makes it more difficult.
  • Educate yourself on the benefits of extended feeding so if you decide to feed beyond six months, a year, two years, and need to justify yourself to people, you will be able to share your knowledge and feel comfortable with your choices.
  • Enjoy it! Once you have your first baby, you will realise just how quickly they grow and although you won’t believe at the time, you will miss those sleepless nights with a newborn when they’re a cheeky toddler who won’t sit still for five minutes!!!

To help support you with your new found breastfeeding knowledge Lansinoh are providing a very useful prize bundle, comprising of:

Lansinoh HPA Lanolin – the miracle nipple cream that works as a fantastic lipbalm/nail cream/nappy rash cream/for minor cuts and burns… the list is endless!

Lansinoh Disposable Nursing Pads – these really don’t leak! Nice and smooth too so they don’t show under clothes.

Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags – these are great for storing/freezing breastmilk in!

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79 thoughts on “Breastfeeding Support Guest Post and Competition

  1. Lanisoh products are so difficult to find in store. I used the cream during my first pregnancy and without it I don't think I would have breastfed for as long as I did.

  2. It's so true about partners remembering things that you don't. My husband is a lot more technically-minded than I am and was good at helping evaluate the latch and pick up on our baby's early hunger cues. Cracking post.

  3. enter me please 🙂 i want to pass the prize on to friends with newborn babies cos my youngest is 11 months now, still bf him though!

  4. I used these pads with my first 2 children and I have just had my 3rd baby and am using them again. When shopping recently my local supermarket had run out of Lansinoh breast pads and I had to buy Sainsburys own breast pads while I waited for them to come into stock. I used these for a day and was so cross at how rubbish they were I emailed the company to complain and was refunded all my money. I will definately not be making that mistake again.

  5. ellooo
    I breast fed Rosie for 7 months after a really difficult start, then I didn't want to stop but she was biting me. I didn't have sore nipples or any problems other than I couldn't hold her well on my right side due to arthritis. I'd like to win this to give to my pregnant friend so she has support and the right products to help her start breastfeeding.

  6. A lovely brand, came in handy with my son and am hoping to use them again with my daughter due in august x

  7. Lovely prize, i couldn't of lived without lansinoh HPA lanolin when i was breastfeeding my little girl and now my friend is expecting her 1st baby i'd love to be able to give this to her.

  8. I'm due to give birth to my first baby in just 6 weeks.  This article looks very helpful.  I have saved to my favourites for when the time comes.  Thanks very much 🙂

  9. I loved this cream when I was breastfeeding…now my daughter is feeding her baby girl this would be a very handy gift to give her 🙂

  10. its Lansinoh that helped me continue feeding my girls when it all got a bit much hehe excellent product, storage bags look great, much easier than the ice cube trays i currently use

  11. I would love to win this prize. I have recently found out my partner is pregnant and this would be great 🙂 

  12. fantastic give away, would be fab for my daughter in law, who is expecting my first grandchild in November, she has already said she is going to breast feed baby xxx

  13. That's great she has your support.  Partners and husbands are sooooo important when it comes to breastfeeding and you can help by bringing your lovely lady food and drinks when she's feeding and reading up on how breastfeeding works too 🙂 

  14. It is great whilst you're both learning to get it right.  I have even used it recently when my chunky monkey was teething until his gums settled down and he fixed his latch again 🙂

  15. Congratulations and I hope you are able to give it a go.  Feel free to contact me through my blog or on Facebook if you need any advice 🙂

  16. Not too long to go! I hope you are able to breastfeed too.  Your body usually works even better second time round so sure you will  get off to a great start 🙂

  17. Don't be sad.  There are so many things we can regret as parents as unfortunately not everything goes to plan. Concentrate on the things which have gone well and try not to dwell on the past however hard it seems. 

    If you understand why you weren't able to feed, you might be able to put it to rest.  You are very welcome to contact me for a chat on facebook or through the blog x

  18. The right support is super important.  Also, even if you have problems at first, and have to give donor milk or formula, it's not too late to give breastfeeding a go at home assuming you've not been in hospital for too long.  Even after a week, it is possible to get things going but it would mean putting baby to the breast as often as possible, lots of skin to skin and expressing between feeds for a little while to get a good supply established. 

    Good luck next time 🙂

  19. 7 months is a great start for your little girl and you will be a brilliant support to your friend.  I am lucky that my youngest didn't get any teeth until he was 1 and has only bitten me once properly since then 😀

  20. I've found the cheaper supermarket brands are no good too.  You have to use more of them and they always seem to be tiny compared to the better brands.  Great that you got your money back though 😀

  21. Ooooo, exciting!  Birth is scary since you never know how it will go but staying as calm as possible really helps for a better experience.

    There are lots of breastfeeding welcome schemes around the UK which highlight particularly breastfeeding friendly businesses.  I help out with Breastfeeding Friendly Chester and you can find most of the other schemes on facebook too 🙂

  22. 'my youngest is 15 months and still bf and I have used Lansinoh this week since he's super nosey and keeps twanging me making me a bit sore 😀 

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