E.ON Challenge: The Beginning

is going to be tough, there may be some frustration and outrage from the boys,
but we are going to do this, we shall survive a week without electronic toys of
any kind.

E.ON have seen a huge increase in the popularity of these
types of toys, but I have a good feeling about accepting this challenge from
E.ON to bring attention to their Energy Fit survey. Playtime will be revolutionised in our household.

will have time for more traditional toys, craft activities and making the most
of the beautiful outside space where we live and do more of what hubbie and I
enjoyed doing from our own childhood.

the room looks slightly lost without a television…

But I had to remove
temptation, as I can imagine the youngest waiting till my back is turned and
sneakily putting Diego on.

Likewise I
am having hubbie sweep the playroom to make sure any remaining toys are battery
free! I am sat in bed and I can hear
cars revving, Mickey announcing his take off into space and other random beeps…
am surprised the boys are sleeping through it all.

The banned bounty!

must admit I am a little nervous but the boys have had enough time to mentally
prepare. Although being informed in
advance about the process and actually living the experience might be two quite
different things. But just think of all
the energy we will save, leaving more money for the pleasurable things in life…
like cake, chocolate and biscuits!

wonder how long I will survive before I start rocking in the corner… I am quite
fortunate missing day one of the challenge as I am off to London to help judge
the UKMums.tv ‘Mums Choice Awards’, so hubbie is under strict orders
about what toys can and cannot be played with! 
But with everything safely squirreled away he should cope admirably.

in next Monday to see how we got on and to enter our competition to win an
amazing bundle of five much loved toys.

2 thoughts on “E.ON Challenge: The Beginning

  1. Hmm, so the boys have had their electronic toys removed for the week, great idea, my daughter loves playing with my old, nay vintage toys that do not require screwdrivers and batteries to operate.

    However, have you had hubby taken up the challenge too? Are you still allowed your electronic luxuries e.g. Laptops etc. ;0) xx

  2. I think we need to do this.  Pooh Bear came in from spending the day with my parents and started pointing and ooohing at the tv asking me to put it on!  I didn't realise he was so attached to it.  I also rely on the tv especially to keep them entertained while I get on with something else especially if they've exhausted all their toys already. 

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