E.ON Challenge: The End

the end is here; it has been harder than running a marathon (and given my
Garfield tendencies that says a lot!). 
I shall need to celebrate now with a large glass of wine or copious
amounts of tea and cake.

have missed lazy mornings filled with cartoons whilst I nurse a cup of tea and
try and prise my eyes open at silly o’clock. 
When we had monsoon like rain I did question why I thought this
challenge was a good idea…

house has definitely felt the strain with all the materials for getting
creative. Having done some painting, playdoh and playmais, artistic mess
reigned supreme!

my boys seem to have benefited from spending more quality time playing
together. Youngest seems to have
developed a natural flair at small Lego building. Eldest has done me proud waiting so patiently to play his new
Skylanders character, that has been tempting him from the Christmas in July goody bag.

have made Cookies

Hunted for four-leaf clovers

Reviewed fun new toys luckily without batteries (Octopals, Shoulder Buddies and Fire Power)

Had a
surprisingly lot of mileage just with a cardboard box!

For eldest it has not been too bad as for
the most of it he is in school, and then he also has karate twice a week. He felt it most when he had another playdate
on Friday and was desperate to show his friend his wii games in action, so
instead he got them all and explained what you did in each one, which showed
huge self control.

has had a few tantrums this week; he has missed being tucked in a blanket
watching some television. I have read
more books to compensate, which appeased him somewhat. He also has a shorter attention span so
moves onto different activities quickly, just as you barely set him up one; he
is ready to start the next.

think with reflection the boys have coped much better than me. But I do not have their energy levels. The television/wii used in moderation lets
me catch up with chores and the general chaos of life with two young boys.

I do this again…?

me in a few months!

celebrate surviving the week I have been offered an amazing toy bundle (worth
£101) as a prize on my blog

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249 thoughts on “E.ON Challenge: The End

  1. Personally I couldn't do without my macbook these days, but I could amuse the children without electronic games. (easy to say since mine are grown up now and I only have my grandchildren for short periods of time) I used to make loads of guddly things with my kids. Painting, sand, glueing, blocks, baking, dressing up, outdoor stuff in garden, walks up woods. Loved it. When my girls were little I didn't have a lot of money and used to make toys – a toy cooker covered in vinyl made from a pampers box (they used to come in big boxes) lasted for ages, as did a knitted postman pat and jess the cat (still around!) Money can't buy the time you spend playing and enjoying your children. You can't get that opportunity again once they grown up.

  2. Wow, congratulations on completing the challenge! This is really one heck of a challenge in our modern day living scenario's….the thought of no internet or computer would be the biggest nightmare for me! I think we could do it for a week if we really put our minds to it….as a family we love playing board games together, and if the weather was nice, there is always a lovely stroll along our coastline in the evenings….yes, we could, I'm almost positive!

  3. Not sure how we would cope! My son loves a bit of TV in the afternoon and it gives me a chance to clean up the house! A great challenge that I am definately going to try! Well done!

  4. I would miss my laptop but that's all.  I would just take the kids for days out – I'm sure we could all cope for a week though – it would be nice!  Just like being on holiday abroad really!

  5. I'd miss my computer and internet, but as a family we don't watch much tv,  the boys love playing with army men/fireman sam/octonauts toys, and many many more, that they just use imagination with. To be truthful if it was a glorious sunny week, then no we wouldn't miss it, but a wet cold dreary dark week and then yes we would!  xx

  6. i would feel rather lost without t'interweb but could easily give up tv for ever lol but if you took my mobile away it would be the worst, would be very panicky :-s

  7. I dont think we would , when we have a power cut for a few hours we never know what to do , sat round candles doing nothing lol cos everthing we want to do needs electric

  8. No way, little one loves his Mr Tumble and to be honest he does learn his signs better from that than just me teaching him.

  9. Hiya…
    I'd like to think I could. 
    Having arthritis means limited mobility and ability to do much while I am stiff and in pain…Having said that, putting the arthritis aside, I would simply revisit my crafting hobbies and reading. I would also make dens and have living room picnics…and sleep a lot. When Rosie lets me.
    I agree with Angela below, I would also be in full meltdown by the end of the first day. Rocking back and forth in the corner…

  10. I think we could manage in the summer as we are out playing most of the time but the winter and rainy days could be tricky!

  11. I would cope but only just. My grandson is so active I would be dead at the end of the week. He and I just need that little bit of still time were he has his bottle and I get to sit down, even if it is just 10 mins. He loves Curious George but is a little small to be into electronic games.

  12. Just done the survey, I am 54% fit which surprised me. Energy rated C. THought I would have a better percentage than that.

  13. i think we would find it hard wihtout tv n electric toys for a whole week, mainly because of the tv! it gives the children chance to sit in once place and relax sometimes, so comes in handy when they are overtired or going a bit crazy!

  14.  I think it would be hard but we would cope, they don't watch much TV, my children love making anything models, cakes drawing etc this would give me a chance to spend more time with them ! BRILL PRIZES!

  15. I think we'd manage but the kids would moan a lot. It'd be a case of getting out the puzzle, board games and colouring pencils to entertain the kids. 

  16. my children would love it i would be their entertainment making things out of old packets and painting,i would enjoy creating things with them but not much housework would be done!

  17. We used to have a caravan that we went to every weekend when my son was younger and we had loads of fun there; dens, dingy on the river, rope swings and tree climbing, footie, BBQ's, other kids to play with.  But as he got a bit older (still under 10) he became a sulky nightmare to take there as there was no TV or computer.  It made it such a misery that we ended up selling the caravan!  Yes you can cope without, but in the end it depends on how your kids take it!  😉

  18. well my kids have hardly been near the tv and computers since the start of the summer holidays as the weather has been dry and they have made new friends with little girls the street over so ive only been seeing my 2 if they need fed or the toilet, its raining today so we are making bracelets then cookies and maybe paining later, love all the fun times.xxx

  19. Yes it wouldn't be too much of a problem. I'm sure the kids would miss their programmes and DVDs but so long as they are kept busy they can easily live without it. They don't have many electronic toys but I think they would miss the few they do have.

  20. Yes I think we would cope easily, both my kids love to read and we do things as a family. we all play Basket Ball in our garden weekends to see who will clear away/wash up etc.

  21. I could definately cope without tv. I've never been mad on tv anyway would rather have music on all day.  Electronic toys well it is down to parenting really. if we cope the children eventually would as well. :0

  22. I don't know how you have managed! I would like to think I could do it but a sure the reality would be quite a challenge! Well done x

  23. As much as it saddens me, no we couldn't ! If I didn't have cbeebies how would I fob the kids off every afternoon for me to have a cuppa in peace ?! xxx

  24. I couldn't kids tv is a great for when i need the older ones busy for a bit whilst i'm feeding the youngest.

  25. If the weather was nice then I think we would be fine – but if we were stuck indoors we would struggle 

  26. I wouldn't cope at all without the TV, I love it and it's a distraction, would hate to miss my favourite programs.

  27. I would not be able to cope without TV, its my wind down time at night and keeps me sane, and a little of it in the daytime to occupy my son while I cook tea does the same again, otherwise I would be constantly pestered.  Would also miss my PC lots as its like a third arm these days, what did I do before the internet came along???

  28. absolutely, my children are really into crafting and they love to read. The TV is hardly ever on

  29. I was living in Japan when the big earthquake occurred and had to cope without electricity and heating then. Amazing in circumstances like that how people can adapt and easily get used to getting back to basics.

  30. i simply couldnt live without electronics!! gadgets, tv, laptop, iphone – seriously, shudder at the thought! i had no laptop from sat night through to this afternoon – longest 48 hours ever! x

  31. Yes I think we would cope well although longer than this I reckon cracks would begin to show within all of us lol 🙂

  32. I think my children would cope  but I wouldn't especially in the evenings after they have gone to bed

  33. I think we would be able to cope, but probably only for a week any longer then i think it would be a problem xx

  34. Well done. Would love to try this. I think we would cope but may struggle, especially when using the tv to keep my LO busy whilst im doing cooking, cleaning etc. 

  35. Not a chance, with 7 children in this house ranging from 3-15 years  electronic gadgets are what keep me sane, well laptop anyway 😉

  36. Me and the kids have done this several times before, living so close to the beach makes it slightly easier though.

  37. Very very brave and really good to 'un plug' the children and allow them to enjoy the natural world…. Inspiring!

  38. probably not! the kids would be great tho and we could play all sots of fun games and build forts etc

  39. no as quite handy for little one to watch a bit of tv while i'm washing up and then I know she's not up to no good

  40. There are so many other things to do, a week would be a refreshing change to shake you out of routine, but I don't think it would be good long-term 

  41. I think we'd cope fairly well. My daughter loves drawing and craft activities and I'd probably take her to the park to play.

  42. I think I would do OK, of course the TV, and laptop would be a huge miss for all of us but I think it could be fun – we would end up spending our time as a family having fun

  43. I think I would there is a big wide world out there, that just needs exploring, the kids would love to get down and dirty, worm hunting, leaf printing, little garden making.

  44. Have to admit I would rather not! But if necessary we would have to occupy ourselves making stuff, baking or colouring. Pauline Wilson.

  45. I
    would like to think that I would cope without electronic toys, TV etc
    for a week, but in reality I'd probably fall apart!

  46. I would like to think I could cope but I dont think I could tear myself away from the computer. It would be nice to be more creative and spend more time with the kids.

  47. i think my 3 children would cope a lot better than myself but im sure we would be able to do it and get more creative

  48. Probably fairly well. The children would whine and miss the tv but we would manage fine keeping ourselves occupied. They children have no electronic r battery powered toys. We would have a fab time with the pavement chalk, baking, building towers, reading etc…

  49. It can be done and makes a great change, suddenly your children discover toys they haven't used for ages, and its great family time.

  50. I think I would cope fine and it would be a nice change… perhaps I need to organise a week out camping 🙂

  51. I would find it really hard to live without the TV for my son it is definitely needed when I'm feeding my daughter, although we try and keep it off the rest of the time.

  52. I would love to lose all gadget's & TV and get everyone outside for some fresh air all week on there bike's they wouldn't like it but would do them all a world of good.

  53. I think i would find it quite difficult – would miss the tv for the times when i need 5 mins to make the tea and peppa pig keeps the kids occupied! I think the kids would get on better than me!

  54. We did pretty much when away last week but then we were busy doing stuff out of the apartment. However, if home, I would find it very difficult. 

  55. i could definatly go without tv even though i would miss it but if i was without my blackberry i think i would go into meltdown!

  56. probaly would cope ok actually is only usually on as background noise half the time anyway to be honest .

  57. I think I could manage as hardly get to see much TV in my house as it is – theres always childrens tv on or some kind of fishing programme xx

  58. You would just get used to it.( We are radio lovers anyway. ) Ther are plety other activities to do.

  59. I would miss being online, I check I whenever I can! The kids are quite happy not bothering with tv as long as the sun in shining,

  60. I think the first day would be tough but they'd soon forget about tv and as long as the sun was shining my two toddlers (3 ans 2) would be totally content with the park and garden or playing with friends. probably do us all good and encourage us to create new games and adventures in the house too!

  61. Yes! Mine are still quite young (5, 3 and 1) so very happy to just sit and look at books, do jigsaws or colour if it's rainy 🙂

  62. You know what – I think thats just what we need in our house. I may challenge the family! Great idea!!

  63. I'm not sure, my boys love telly, but if the weather was good I would take them out to the3 park, for walks etc. It would be me that couldn't cope without Eastenders 🙂

  64. Yes, definitely. There are plenty of other things to amuse children – activity books, crafts, jigsaws, reading books, etc plus the outdoors

  65. I think we could cope, although my eldest game obsessed son would struggle the most. Luckily living 15mins from the beach would be a lifesaver!

  66. I think it would be really difficult but possible. The kids would probably cope better than I would!

  67. My daughter is only 20 months old, so yes, I would cope easily. Ask me in a few years time, and the answer will change. 🙂

  68. Whilst it would be hard it would also encourage us as a family to spend quality time together playing board games and being arty 

  69. me and my husband are very tempted to try this challenge! We've tested it out with a day of no electric entertainment and we all enjoyed it more than we expected. Well done to you for managing it 🙂

  70. Probably not, electronics seem to be the only thing that keeps  my special needs 11yr old entertained (even for a short while!)

  71. Probably not! Sounds awful, but you do rely on a bit of tv after dinner to sort dishes and calm down ready for bath and bed. People probably main, but I suspect the majority do it- all ok in moderation.

  72. Hi,

    Yes no bother. I could knit when I was seven so I would teach my kids how to knit. Other activities like, baking, colouring in. I also love switching the t.v off and playing board games like ludo and snakes and ladders. A good way for the whole family to be involved in some quality time. If the weather is dry then a good walk or a cycle and if raining if you don't want stuck in, a trip to the swimming pool. Unwinding time after dinner, read a book.

  73. as long as the weather is good my grandson is happy to play outside or go for a walk to the beach with our dog, but he would probably be happy when the week was over!

  74. Yes I would find other activities to do. As I child I was bought up without all this technology….. toys were just plain and simple. I spent most of my time outdoors in the summer months. So I would cope easily and I think my children would adapt too.

  75. I hope I would – my 4 do play quite well together and when anything electrical is banned for the day they become very imaginative.

  76. OK if distracted – we were camping for 4 days and no one mentioned TV but there was lots to see and do!

  77. i think it would be a struggle, i remember having a power cut for an entire day and we got a bit stressed hehe we would get though it though

  78. Omg well done you! Without my kettle and laptop I would be lost! My children would cope a lot better I'm sure – though like your wee boy the absence of skylanders for a week would be a challenge 😀

  79. I could cope by myself, but certainly my eldest son loves his computer and the odd dose of TV or a dvd can certainly be helpful when I need to get dinner ready, so it would be hard!  Definitely, but I would adapt, it might actually be better.

  80. No i love the internet and my son loves his ipad for fun and educational games. Like he plays out nearly all day but he chooses to come in and chill when it gets very hot and goes back out  late afternoon

  81. omg – a week? No way ! lol When we went camping recently we kept running back to the car to charge everything, surprised my car started after suffering 4 days of this! lol 

  82. I'd like to think I could cope without my gadgets, but in truth I think I'd miss them within hours.

  83. I think we would be fine, as my daughter loves playing with her toys and board games.  However she'd definitely miss her Horrid Henry.

  84. Just come back from staying at my brothers, he hasn't got a tv! lol surprising how easy it was to cope without it & all toys from home & so much we did outside, i'm def going to try & carry it on  a bit at home

  85. I would love it, as long as all my neighbours did without it too so I no longer had to listen to their rubbish music! It would actually be bliss to have no electrical goods and to actually play outside with just the noise of adults and children playing.

  86. Not sure to be honest. Possibly? We do a lot of other things, crafts, playing outside but the telly is my barganing tool so not sure. I personally couldn't cope without my laptop!

  87. I think I could do it at home, but it would be tough to go without the internet and computers at work as I work for an online company!! 🙂

  88. Yes, I think so. It encourages us to be more creative but we all have it in us. Children are naturally so imaginative so it just takes a little planning. It helps if the sun is shining too!

  89. We could do it and we often do but I like the noisy and gadgetty toys as they are fun and sometimes when you have tired children a quiet 10 mins of watching tv can really help settle them.

  90. Yes, though I don't know if my children would. Though I do find that after the first day without all the electronic stuff they start to forget about them and enjoy playing with all their other toys. Of course, it does help if the weather is nice and we can get outside.

  91. I couldn't be without my laptop now! but my daughter would be fine without her toys etc and just play with empty boxes x

  92. I could live without electronic games, and the tv, just think tv wasnt around years ago. Would get out the craft box and get messy with my son. Great prize bundle, would keep one for my son and the rest would go to one of many family members children. As always good luck everyone xx

  93. The youngest, aged 4,  doesnt watch TV anyway, his concentration span for childrens TV spans 2 minutes so making a den is a daily occural, its either a house – and all my cushions and a few ornaments go in or its a shop we take all my tins out of the cupboard and I buy them back with imaginary money.  Another game is to line up all my chairs and its a bus, car, plane, train and I have to sit while he drives to our destination!  The eldest,6, does like his games though but also likes drawing and making things out of empty boxes so this prize bundle would  be ideal to bring them together to play during the summer holidays (ideal for their birthdays in August :-O )

  94. without the gadgets, it really makes you find things to do.We tried this last week for 2 days, it was fun; from baking to making collages…we all had a laugh

  95. As long as I could still have a radio for music I think I could give up my laptop/computer for a good while. Am I willing to give it a go? Hmm not sure lol

  96. I'd struggle without my laptop, that's for sure, but i'd quite happily go without a tv.  The kids on the other hand would miss watching the same thing over and over on the Disney channels!

  97. if I really had to I would, but I'd much prefer not too as tv, laptop are my only form of entertainment and wind down from playing with the kids

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