Fire Power Review and Competition

We were pretty impressed with the capabilities of the
super soaking fire hose from MAPS toys we were sent to review.

conveniently fits on your child’s back and it has adjustable straps so can fit
most children comfortably. It is aimed
at children aged 5+ but my three year old absolutely loved it and it was easy
for him to use and carry.

was great for getting the boys involved in the chores, washing the car,
watering the flowers and cleaning the windows.

All of which the boys did with a big smile on their faces, I have never
seen them so enthusiastic to help out before, although one of our poor cats got
soaked in the crossfire.

Mind you mummy
and daddy did not fare much better as their favourite part of having this
fantastic new toy was squirting us both!

spray is very far reaching; the range is over 30 feet with one pump! So exciting to watch it in action and great
fun. This is definitely one toy I would
highly recommend buying. What little
child has not dreamt of being a fireman, with this toy they can live out that
fantasy all for only £12.99 (RRP). My
boys’ eyes really lit up playing with this toy.

for us parents the pack seems to hold a decent enough amount of water, so you
do not feel like your constantly going back and forth to the kitchen sink to

to buy from Amazon, you will find it perfect for cooling off during the hot
summer days and I think it is much more enjoyable than water pistols. Plus it needs no batteries so not a costly toy
to play with.

have kindly been offered one to giveaway on my blog. To enter please complete the rafflecopter below by the 22nd
of July.

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194 thoughts on “Fire Power Review and Competition

  1. Great review and giveaway thank you!  I think my boys would love this as they would see it as a large water pistol for squirting mummy and their two sisters lol!  I think it would be a great prize as the kids could help me water our hanging baskets and other plants in the green house, as well as wash the dogs legs down after he has been on the beach or in the muddy fields!     

  2. My daughters would be over the moon to win this, the only problem being is there are three off them so I would still have to go out and buy two more so there wouldn't be any arguments!

  3. My son would love this! He has a fascination with water and always helps me water the garden. What a fun way for him to help!

  4. I would love to win this for my young son as he is a big Fireman Sam fan and loves playing with water.

  5. My 7 year old daughter is my carer so this would be great for her to use to have some fun and take a break from me!

  6. Looks fantastic fun.My grandson would love it.Would stop him playing with our hose and breaking it lol

  7. I would love to win this for my nephew, we love having water fights when the weathers hot and this would suit him down to the ground.

  8. My grandson was born in water and hasn't been out of it since unless he's asked to. Please let me win so that I don't have to keep filling things up for him.

  9. I would love to win this because it would help educate my son to water the plants and at the same time would be having hun 🙂 

  10. My son has a dress up party next month, they all have to dress up as what they want to be when they grow up, would be perfect for my little firefighter 🙂

  11. Son is a big fan of water, even if it hasn't rained for a week he will find some and soak his clothes. This looks like there would be less chance of him soaking himself while getting to play with water. Santa may have to be told about this toy.

  12. My son would love this it would be great for soaking his two older sisters wgi bossy him around. I would be time to get his own back

  13. This would be a great gift for my nephew, his granddad used to have a nasty habit of getting everyone very wet so this would be karma!

  14. my son codie would love this he takes his water pistol back pack with him every where, winning a fire one would be the icing on the cake

  15. No batteries so cheap, cheerful, lots of fun plus the chance to get a little helper watering the plants or washing the path!

  16. My little man is obsessed with water so i am sure he would love getting his big sisters with this

  17. It's my son's birthday in August and we are stuck with what to buy him but this looks like a great idea!

  18. My son is obsessed with Fireman Sam, now he can pretend he is a fireman with this if we were to win.

  19. Would love this for my lil nephew, this would be right up his street! Much to the annoyance of his mum and dad (evil grin)

  20. Why wouldn't I like to win!!!  My son is 3 at the end of August and he LOVES Firemen so he would go crazy for this.

  21. my daughter loves anything to do with water so this being a great giveaway and a safer way to play with water  id love to win x

  22. I would love to win this for my little nephew, as he is the only one of our large family who doesn't have a water pistol and he fells a bit left out when the 20 of us get together for a water fight!!!!!

  23. I have a little boy who would love this, and a plus for me is it seems to hold lots of water… brillian..

  24. I'd like to win for my 20 month old son! He had pan Hypopituitarism and is such a brave boy – he's got an operation coming up so this will be a great treat for him 🙂

  25. Both my sons are fireman/engine mad. We go to practically every fire station open day in the area, its the first thing they head for at shows,fetes etc etc.  They would love this they could be firemen in the garden! xx

  26. I love toys that encourage kids outside and away from the TV.  My grandaughter could use some help in this area!

  27. Because it looks such good fun and Thomas would love watering the plants,and everything else,  with it !

  28. I'd love to win because my little brother wants to be a fireman when he's older, and this would be great to win for him!

  29. My son loves fire engines and firemen and we are trying to get him interested in the gardening so giving him the task of watering the plants would hopefully get him engaing in the garden, i know however that watering the daddy plant will be more fun lol

  30. My daughter would love this, so she could help water the garden and also wash the car. I don't think we'd ever have to do either task again!

  31. My 3 and 5 year old sons are budding firefighters and would love this.  They could also aim it at their sisters if they annoy them!

  32. This looks really fun for both children and adults alike and, although my son is too young at the moment for it, I'm sure he's going to love playing with it when he's older! 🙂

  33. I'd like to win this for my grandsons who love playing with water especially on a hot sunny day………we'll get one soon 😉

  34. Last year Grumpsie (aka Granddad) spent a whole afternoon in the bedroom throwing water bombs out of the window at Piper (aged 4). At the time Daisy was too small to join in but this year I know that at the first sunny opportunity they will both be outside wanting to soak Grumpsie. This would be the perfect tool for them to get him!

  35. I would like to win this because my 6 year old daughter would love it and I would love it and the dog would love it…not sure if the hubby would though because I am pretty sure that we would have to surprise him with a shower when he falls asleep on the sunlounger!!!

  36. My little one would absolutely love this, watering the plants, car, dog & anything else that get's in the way!!

  37. My nephew is called Sam so obviously we call him fireman Sam quite a lot lol.he would just love this.

  38. As I would have great pleasure, that is when the sun finally shines, in soaking my children in the garden x

  39. I would love to win this for my nephew, he is getting a little brother next month so this would make a wonderful pressie so he doesnt feel left out.  

  40. I would love to win so I can give it to my little nephew Alex. If it makes him laugh half as much as your little boy I'll be happy! Keep laughing at your lads face, just brilliant xx

  41. I would love to win this for my grandson age 3, he loves helping in my garden as he has no garden and would be delighted with this

  42. i would love to win this for my grandson he could help me to water the plants in the garden when he comes to stay 

  43. I would love to win this for my daughter, I have vegetables and flowers in the garden she can water as I am trying to get her interested in gardening from a young age. She is 3 and a half 🙂 

  44. My wee boy would be thrilled to get his hands on this! He would be squirting everything and everyone! 😀

  45. My 4 year old little girl desperately wants to play water fighting with her 11 year old brother and his mates, but due to her size she can only handle a small water pistol which gives the big boys a huge advantage and usually ends with little one in tears after being soaked!  Id love to help . . ahem . . even up the playing field a bit for her 😉 not that im taking sides or anything 😉

  46. My daughter would love this she is facinated with all things water and wants nto be a fire fighter when she is bigger

  47. My little grandson's favourite game is being a fireman and uses anything he can find to pretend he has a hose to put out the fires.  This would be perfect for him.  I would be delighted to be able to give him this..

  48. i would love to win this for my grandson, he will be 3 next month, this would make a lovely treat especially now that the weather has improved!

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