Fun with my 5 Senses Review

were sent this fabulous book, it is not a latest release or anything just
something I spotted on the Gazelle Books website and thought it sounded very
interesting for parents with young children.

Fun with my 5 senses was actually published in 1998 but
the entire book is still extremely useful, especially now approaching the
exceptionally LONG school holidays. The
activities in this book might be what keeps me sane! Regardless of the weather, there are plenty of ideas for things
to do both in and outdoors.

like that throughout the book there is also an undercurrent of safety issues,
like what are dangerous smells? What would you do if the smoke alarm went off?
Do you know a phone number to ring in case of emergency? A useful section on
road safety and the importance of stop, look and listen when crossing, again
gives practical tips for parents.

book is very educational but also very approachable, the suggestions are
simple and well explained but really help children learn about more complicated
concepts. We have made an Ear Collage
(so they could see how animals ears vary), youngest was in charge of gluing and
eldest cutting out the pictures, so great to get all your children involved and
working together. Then you can start a
discussion why the ears are different, what benefits are there to a particular

book covers a wide range of activities, games, songs, and dance ideas. Plenty to think about and adapt to suit your
own family needs (if your children switch off to a certain type of activity
there will be something else they will love in here). I read on one of the pages about being a detective, so this afternoon
we went for a long walk and as we found items on our journey we made up a story
about the type of person and what they were doing (although it did end up being
a giraffe who crash landed his hot air balloon, had a barbecue and drank some
beers… based on the bits and bobs left on the beach!).

we will be off finding leaves to make a different textured picture, the day
after we might do the activity with different materials off the beach! We can go on a nature walk and try and
develop our observational skills and invest in a suitable magnifying glass.

book costs £10.99 which is a bargain because not only is it a helpful
educational resource, it doubles as a colouring book! Each page has big bold pictures on which are shouting out to be
coloured in. So you can on completion
of an activity colour the picture and that way it can act as a record of
achievement for a section.

is a little gem of a book for helping develop your children. We have plenty more ideas to keep us
going. I am very excited to have found
such a great resource! Head over to
Gazelle Books to purchase and see what other great inspirational books they

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