HAMA Bead Competition Entry

We were luckily sent a fab selection of HAMA Beads from
the delightful lady from Patch of Puddles and Merrily Empire fame, with the aim
of creating a holiday masterpiece.

Having a huge choice of beads arrive was perfect timing,
just what we needed to get involved in something creative and engaging to do
over the LONG summer holidays. I highly
recommend a visit to the Play Merrily Toy Shop; to see plenty more craft idea’s
to keep your children happily entertained.

Eldest was quite keen to get involved, youngest just
decided to re-decorate the room in beads. 
It’s amazing just how much ground this selection can cover when
scattered EVERYWHERE! But they are fun
and my boys have not really handled beads before, so I am glad they had an
opportunity for a new way to express themselves.

Here is an example of an entry by eldest, a lovely beach
depiction (minus a summery cocktail to make it my perfect holiday!). You can then get extra fancy and iron what
you have made (with the special waxed ironing paper) and the beads then stick
together. But we are saving that little
bit of extra excitement for another day. 
I was mainly keen to get this post up so all my lovely followers could
try their hand at the competition.

But I am certainly a HAMA bead convert and found it very
relaxing! So all mums out there keep
your hands busy and you might be less inclined to slope off into the kitchen
and reach for the biscuits (speaking from only my own personal experience of
course lol!).

To enter the competition:

Between now and the 31st of August you need to
upload artwork created by your child loosely connected to the theme “An Amazing
Holiday” – they can let the imaginations run wild and have a rocket trip to the
moon, a cowboy adventure or as we did a reliable trip to the beach!

The prize: a generous £100 gift voucher to spend on
PlayMerrily, CraftMerrily, Jolly Dollies or The Little Big Toy Shop on whatever
you choose… oooohh just think of the possibilities!

For those of you who are yet to experience the wonder of
HAMA beads they have a selection on special offer. The Midi Hama Starter Kit is only £11.95 (down from £16.90), this
would be perfect to enter the competition with, but you are of course welcome
to use any HAMA beads you currently own.

Once your entry is ready email it over to patchofpuddles at gmail.com with the child’s first name and age. Good
luck one and all!

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