hippychick Dream Tubes Review

wish I had known about this product almost 2 years ago when youngest at the
tender age of 19 months first slept in a proper bed. We made the transition early because he had learnt to climb out
of his cot, but from that day forth he would fall out of bed again and again
and again!

forward to present day and two very grumpy sleep deprived parents, who deeply
regret not having had this earlier. We
did know bed guards existed, but not a soft appealing one such as this. Eldest had one of the folding bed guards and
actually asked us to take it off as his fingers got stuck between the guard and
the bed, not to the point of causing an injury just enough to unsettle him. There is no danger of any upset with the
Dusky Moon Dream Tubes.

is no longer waking because he has fallen out of bed or has lost his duvet and
is cold, the cover is staying nicely as it should wedged between the two
tubes. I would of course love to
announce the instant re-branding of my site, but sadly we are still missing
some sleep. I think youngest has got
into the habit of needing us because we did not have this fantastic product
earlier. He is so used to us popping in
to tuck him in or pick him off the floor. 
Now if he stirs he still wants us there… so I recommend getting and
using this product straight away when you’re ready for the switch from cot to

from 18 months to 5 years, you really will start to see the benefit from the
very first use. There has been a huge
reduction in the number of times we have to go to him. In his peak he would fall out of bed five or
six times a night, now cosily tucked in bed, life does involve a less exhausted
mummy finally!

when youngest first left his cot we had a spare duvet on his floor to cushion
his falls from bed, with this product you do not need to mess about like that
and bother tidying up extra padding every morning. Your children are safe and you can relax in that knowledge, not having
to peep in every few minutes to check they are where they should be!

for holidays, as it is easily portable to take with you, so no more worrying if
your child falls out of a high bed. For
our Haven holiday we took all the backs of the sofa’s and placed them on the
floor, next time we will take our handy dream tubes with us (and sit more
comfortably on the sofa!).

is simple to make, comprising of a soft fitted sheet with built in channels for
the two inflatable tubes. With an RRP
of £39.99 (for the 100% cotton ones we were sent) I would have gladly paid this
ten times over because the value of a night of sleep is priceless! It is machine washable but you can buy a
spare sheet for £32.99 (even less for a cot size) and re-use the inflatable
tubes. It is a quality product that you
will be able to pass onto any new additions in your family.

to buy from hippychick amongst all the other innovative products which are
great for parents and children.

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