Hotter Shoes Review

I was offered the opportunity to review for Hotter Shoes, to be honest I had
some small reservations. I thought that
there would be nothing to appeal to a person aged 30 (okay 33 but I have tried
to stop counting), thinking it was more popular with older people. How wrong was I!!!



printed off the useful fitting guide; which really helped match the shoes to my
feet! As it is not always possible to
make it into a store for a proper fitting (when you live in the back of beyond!), but the fitting guide seemed quite
accurate for me anyway, as they were just right for my feet.


I love my new shoes so much I cannot stop wearing
them. They saved the day, arriving on
the eve of my trip to London. So from
4:30am until I arrived home shattered at 9:45pm, those shoes remained on my
feet, without a blister in sight. I was
very impressed they served me so well.
Branded as having guaranteed comfort, I thought it might be an
exaggeration, as new shoes always need some adjusting too, but these fitted
perfectly from the first moment.



Shake Shoes I was sent retail for £65.
I love how you can adjust them with the touch fastening, meaning they
always fit properly. I would gladly pay this price for shoes if it meant I always had happy feet!


design is simple but stylish and flattering.
They work well if you want to look casual or smart, so very
practical. I have worn them to work,
spending five hours standing at a kiosk beaming at customers. For a pleasant change only my permanent smile
left me aching but my feet were oddly satisfied in their new abode.


after plenty of use since their arrival, without any socks and hiking all
over the place, my shoes just smell of new shoes. They also feel light on my feet, so I am not clomping around
everywhere, just walking like a lady for a change!


experience of Hotter Shoes has definitely made me reconsider them as a brand. If you have not taken a look at their
website in a while it might be time for a visit!

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