I LOV3 IT Review

was very excited to review a personalised t-shirt by I LO<3 IT.

have an extensive range of products, so you can pick pretty much anything to
personalise and make your own. Bored of
your current wardrobe what better way than add a little LOVE to it!

went for an “I heart cake” t-shirt, because my wardrobe is very limited,
capsule to the extreme. The slogan was
easy for me to pick because its no secret how much I love cake! They retail for £15.99 and make a fun gift
for anyone. I can imagine them also
coming in handy for hen nights, although I am not sure how saucy you could make
the “I heart” slogans…

there are also mugs, bibs, hoodies, teddies, vests, cushions, and tea towels to
choose from. Perhaps I should have gone
for a tea towel saying I heart hubbie cleaning… anything to add some light
humour to the daily grind of household chores.

heart image can come predictably in red but you can jazz it up and have Union
Jack or a multicoloured heart. If
you’re feeling slightly glum about something you can let the world know with a
broken heart.

website is great as you can see a preview of your finished design before
ordering, to make sure you are happy with your new creation. I ordered the t-shirt in black but it could
come in one of six colours.

can personalise up to two lines of text after your “I heart/broken heart”, so
enough to be able to get your message across and be sentimental, playful or

was amazed by the quality of my t-shirt, the material felt comfortable against
my skin, not horrid and cheap. I was so
thrilled to see it I had to put it straight on and have been wearing it proudly
around my hometown as I hunt down cakes!

really do recommend a visit to I LO<3 IT. 
Keep an eye on their facebook page for news and special offers.

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  1. think i will check this out i want a few bits of printed items for my little soap making business

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