Lelli Kelly Shoes Competition

two boys you would think I would be pretty clueless to the world of Lelli Kelly Shoes but it’s hard to miss them. For
one you have the catchy tune on television, which lures you in, before you know
it hubbie, the boys and I are singing it… seriously we need to get a grip!

when I was a little girl (so many moon’s ago!) I would have loved to own a
pair. Rosie (£49.85) in Black
leather and patent are proving to be the big selling shoes and I can see why,
with interchangeable straps, you will never get bored of your shoes. If you have a school disco, a fancy meal out
or a trip to the cinema your shoes can complement your look, with a bow,
flowers or embroidered Lelli Kelly strap.

But am sure Rosie in red will prove very popular too, being so bright
and vibrant!

If you’re a teacher look
away now (so you can keep relishing the long holiday) but everyone else its
time to start thinking about back to school items. I used to be so excited having new shoes and supplies to start
the term. Everything shiny and pristine
for the first day, gave me a real buzz of excitement to face whatever was in
store. I can imagine lots of little
girls have spotted and set their heart on a pair of Lelli Kelly shoes. Being such a well known and quality brand
with so many different appealing styles, it’s hard to resist buying a pair for your
little princess.

It is almost just worth
ordering a pair so I can get the free light up bunny pen from shoes.co.uk. I would relish writing my blogging notes
with one of those! Although eldest
might try and pinch it off me!

I wish I could squeeze
my feet into a pair but sadly it will be no Cinderella moment for me. Instead I am going to offer a competition to
win a pair of Lelli Kelly Shoes, which will make someone’s daughter/niece very
happy (although if your family has more than one little girl deciding who gets them
might turn ugly!).

To enter please complete
the rafflecopter below by the 10th of August.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

202 thoughts on “Lelli Kelly Shoes Competition

  1. My little girl always asks for a pair off lellie kelly shoes when ever the advert comes on. These are so pretty, she'd love them 🙂

  2. I love the Lelli Kelly California shoes. They're absolutely adorable. Girly and sporty – the perfect fit for my little tom boy 😉

  3. I love the pink glitter Kate sandals as my daughter is called Katie and she has been lucky enough to have had sandals by Lelli Kelly in the past and worn them till they didn't fit she loved them so much!

  4. my daughter has had her heart set on these exact shoes since last september! She goes through shoes so fast im reluctant to get her these till she stops growing so fast! It would make her summer if she could go back to school with these

  5. My daughter has wanted these for so long, she has Lelli Kelly boots which are a great fit, but these would be perfect for school 🙂

  6. I would definitely go for the Red Rosie (anyone else think of Stephen King writing that? ), i have two girls who thankfully wear the same size shoe who would both love them

  7. what super pretty shoes ,, i do wish they would make adult sizes ,lelli kelli are so much nicer than some of the monstrosities we are suposed to wear

  8. My favourites have to be these – Lelli Kelly Rosie LK8200, the little polka dot detail totes amazing.! Good luck everyone xx

  9. I would love to win these for one of my girls! There would be alot of arguing as to who got them but they don't mind sharing! lol 🙂 x

  10. I love the elephant & giraffe sandals, how cute they are. So girly girl too, great for summer hols & parties. Shame they don't do them in larger sizes I'd definately treat myself.

  11. My Niece would love the Evie LK8207, her foot has just come out of a cast, so velcro, is more comfortable..

  12. Both my daughters would love these shoes.The rosie's are really cool,great for school (which we all got to buy for sept.) and also great for parties too! Buy these or win these, either way,im getting these for school.I love them x

  13. My daughters starts school in September and I think she would literally do anything for a pair of Rosie LK8200 shoes. She has seen them advertised on TV and absolutely adores them. 

  14. My little girl would love the Rosie shoes.  She has been bugging me for a pair of Lelli Kelly shoes for months and would love to win!

  15. My daughter would love the Red patent Rosie shoes, they are just perfect to really make her summer 🙂

  16. My little 4 year old sister would love these shoes! She is starting school soon and I think they would look lovely with her uniform :o)

  17. LOVE the Lelli Kelly School Ballet Kelly LK6234 at £49.75 as my daughter starts school in September, these are beautiful!

  18. My favourite are the Lelli Kelly Principessa heel (I know it's not great to put little children in heels but they're just so adorable). A pair of 'Rosie's' would probably be the more sensible option, especially for school. I totally agree, I think the interchangeable straps are great.

  19. My daughter loves the lelli kelly ellie shoes they are great for starting school shes always singing the advert !

  20. My daughters 5th bday on 9th august every time the advert comes up ' i want Leli kelli shoes 'it would make her day to get them x

  21. Being the practical parent I love the Rosie leather shoes! The patent leather look pretty but scuff too easily but you can polish the leather so they look brand new! My daughter loves these shoes for the changeable straps!  

  22. I love the Lelli Kelly Cuori Hearts Shoe, my little girl would love them too as her favourite colour and she's mad about the advert whenever it comes on telly!

  23. My grandaughter says "they're not shoes, they're lelli kelly's" whenever you tell her to put her shoes on

  24. My daughter would love Rosie, as they're not toooo sparkly, but having the changeable strap makes them just that extra special.

  25. She begs and she pleads,

    even on her knees
    my Princessy daughter
    I'd love to appease!
    Roxy loves all the sparkles
    and glittery colours
    she loves Lelli Kelly
    above any others!
    She has never owned any
    Her Dad says 'Way too dear!'
    So if we won this comp
    then you'd make my girls year!
    I can see why she loves
    the Mariposa shoes
    the myriad of colours
    The rainbow-ey hues!
    so we'll wish really hard
    and keep our fingers crossed,
    that you'll say we're the winners
    and that we haven't lost! 
    (Because we'd love to just buy some but
    just look at the cost! 😉

    Ps.The Mariposa Dolly ones are sooo pretty! 🙂 thanks for the comp!

  26. I really like the Lelli Kelly California pink glitter boots – think I've just fallen in love actually! Although pretty much all of the Lelli Kelly range are stunning! (The song has just come on as I'm typing this – ARGH!)

  27. My little sister would love a pair of Rosie shoes. Shes definitely a mix and match girl. So the extra straps would be great for her!

  28. what a brilliant giveaway! My daughter Scarlett adores shoes and she loves anything red to match her name so i would have to pick the Rosie Patent shoes they're simply adorable!

  29. Oh fabulous footsteps ! My daughter has been asking for a pair of Lelli Kellys for as long as I can remember ( feel so guilty now seeing it in writing !!) She would love this prize with all her heart and sole ! ha ha !!

  30. Love these shoes so much, my little girl would feel like a proper princess in these ha ha. Wonderfull compitition, as i cant afford to buy them x

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