Llama’s Baked Bites Review

It is no secret my boys love llama’s, so it was a lovely novelty for them to have llama shaped snacks to munch on!

Luckily for us the snacks did not just look great, they tasted great too! Made from whole-wheat and oven baked they have a great crunch and are a welcome change to our taste buds!

I was surprised that eldest even enjoyed the Sweet Chilli variety.

I loved the Cheesy bites, not too overpowering like some cheese baked snacks. So no unpleasant after tastes of old sock in your mouth! Always a relief!

These would be very popular at Children’s birthday parties, for a bit of fun, that the adults can then enjoy!

You have been warned Llama’s are slowly taking over… find out more to prepare yourself here!

Available to buy from Tesco stores nationwide and at tesco.com, priced at £1.69 for a bag big enough to share… if you are feeling in the sharing mood!

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