Playscope Sensory Tales Review

were sent the delightful tale Aaaarrgghh! Spider! By Lydia Monks, as it is a
sensory tale it was also accompanied by a soft little spider finger puppet, a
grass web and a card with a web on to photocopy and a couple of suggestions for follow on activities and a little guide with lots of helpful ideas all housed in a handy cotton bag. Story
time will never be the same, once you have welcomed a sensory tale into your

Costing £14.40 (including VAT) it is a really good buy. You get a hardback book, which has a page
full of glittery spider webs, making the book unique and eye catching for
children. The book is filled with
humour and bright colourful images; I really enjoyed it, as did my boys. The spider is quite a character, doing all
she can to be accepted by the family. 
The ending especially is quite funny but I do not want to give it away
(because I have a feeling I will have tempted a few of you to get this!). One of the highlights for the boys was
having a page in the book upside down, because the spider is looking down on
the family. They have never seen
something like that before!

by the accompanying laminated leaflet we then got out the colouring and glitter
pens and some black paper and made some spider webs of our own.

Playscope have really put plenty of thought
into their sensory tales, the book is just part of the overall learning
experience, you can read, build on extra activities and introduce the exciting
additional resources alongside the book.

We have lots more to do to develop communication and discussion, further games to play, opportunities to discover more through arts and crafts, food, music and numeracy all through their informative guidance.

Spider is a firm favourite of youngest, I would not be surprised if he
ends up tucked in bed next to him tonight!

you have more money to spend perhaps at Christmas, you can invest in one of the
£45 sets, which come with lots of extra’s to set the scene of the story,
including musical instruments.

can find out more about their play and learning resources from the Playscope website.

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