Poppin Hoppies Review

When it comes to board
games I thought we had seen most possibilities, our games cupboard is certainly
full and spilling out all over the house anyway. So it is great to find a new game that is completely different
out there. I can definitely see why it
was selected as the best new toy at the 2012 toy fair.

The game is
very action packed and thrilling. You
have no idea when the hoppies will pop off the board, so you’re constantly on
edge, eager and ready to move at a moment’s notice. I mainly caught fresh air! 
But I enjoyed the challenge as did the boys, great for building up all
our reaction speeds.

Alongside catching the
hoppies you work towards building a coloured puzzle character. The hardest part later on is catching the hoppie
you need to get the right colour left for your puzzle. Eldest enjoyed the puzzle to help develop
his problem solving ability, at first he found it hard not placing two of the
same colours next to each other or completing the puzzle with no more than two
of each colour, but once he got the hang of it, he felt lots of achievement and
a sense of satisfaction.

The suspense of
waiting and the excitement when you all desperately try and catch them as they
pop off the board makes for a pleasant way to pass the time with your
children. Both my boys can set up the
game on their own so you could leave them to get on with it, but then you would
miss out on all the fun…

With an RRP of £16.99
it is a worthwhile addition to any games cupboard, which will be received
enthusiastically going on my boy’s reactions! 
Available to buy from Amazon, currently on offer for £9.95 on there from Fun
Collectables, yet another bargain to stash away for Christmas methinks.

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