Reader Appreciation Award

I was kindly
awarded by the lovely blogger all in one mum, I feel quite honoured as my blog
has turned into lots of reviews and she still kindly picked me as one of her
chosen five. Thank you! Please do go and pay a visit to her blog.

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What’s your favourite

Red, it’s vibrant and passionate and exciting. All the things I need the energy to be more
of! Perhaps when I miss less sleep I
will be more fiery again…

What is your favourite

I used to be elephant mad
as a child; I had a whole soft toy family of them, with Jumbo the dad and ruler
of the elephant kingdom. Lately I would
say my cats, but then they sit on my laptop, swipe stuff of the side, try and
eat my cake then I think perhaps not!

What is your favourite non-alcoholic

Beer always pops in my head first, but when I drink it again I can never make
my mind up, so I will say tea, as tea (and most importantly cake) are calming
on the soul.

Facebook or Twitter?

I try and
juggle the two, but must admit to being more partial to facebook, although with
all the changes they insist on making my poor head struggles to get the hang of

Do you prefer giving or getting

I think I
prefer giving presents as long as I know they are great presents that are just right for the person. I am not so
fussed when it comes to my birthday or Christmas presents, its all about the
boys! As long as there is a token bit of chocolate for me, I am a happy bunny!

Favourite day of the week?

It would have been Saturday but I
have started working weekends so we do not have that quality family time
together (but needs must!). So for now
I will say Monday, after finishing working over the weekend it’s nice to spend
more time with the kids.

Favourite flower?

I am not a
very flowery person, I think its all that hay fever suffering business but I
think my favourite at the moment are sunflowers, because my boys lovingly cultivated them
from seeds and they are now long and proud and we admire them every day.

What is your passion?

Seeing my
children grow into independent, happy, well-grounded individuals. Making sure I fill their life with as many
fabulous memories as I can and lots of fun opportunities. Blogging has become a passion alongside this
as it has opened a whole new world of adventure for my boys, reviewing exciting
toys and visiting attractions. My last
passion is eating cake (by the truckload ideally!).

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