Shoulder Buddies Review

never reviewed these when they were first doing the rounds, as I was sceptical
my boys would actually enjoy them, but I was very wrong! They really love their new friends and have
been carrying them around everywhere. I
am so glad the kind lady at the Christmas in July event let me take one each
for my boys, as they have been inseparable since.

I was slightly worried when the magic magnetic coin that
accompanies the shoulder buddies went missing, but soon realised you can use
any coin out of your purse to the same effect. 
That would have been my only complaint about these, it is very easy to
mislay the magnetic coin, but given the simple remedy if that happens there
will be no sad faces with a 2p to the rescue.

They have been sticking them to the radiator, their hats,
even on their socks! They have had so
much fun with a toy with an RRP of only £4.99 (Golden Bear Toys website), at
one point eldest donned an eye patch and pretended to be a pirate with his
shoulder buddy playing the part of a “parrot”. 
For a simple toy it really is surprising how entertaining they have been
and how great for their imagination. 
Each of the shoulder buddies has its own unique personality, with a
name, a different colour and individual picture on their tummy. All of the shoulder buddies have funky hair
to style, which even my boys loved messing about with and requires no batteries (perfect for fitting in with our E.ON challenge)

A lovely stocking filler for both boys and girls for
Christmas, head over to the website for more information.

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