Sugar Poke Review

Sometimes after yet another sleepless night being woken repeatedly by youngest, I find the next day my mood a little grumpy. It is hard to be all sunshine and gaiety,
when you’re surviving on hardly any sleep. 
Sleep is restorative… so all I can say is thank heavens for edible gifts and my new best friend Sugar Poke.

It is hard to remain glum, even as tired as I was, when something like this arrives in
the post:

Even Eeyore would struggle to be gloomy if he received one
of these. Filled to the brim with
plenty of tasty treats. I really was
surprised by how much they managed to pack in the handy reusable zinc pot.

You can send brownies, cookies, gingerbread biscuits (shaped like a cute pig or sheep), sweets, chocolates and love hearts. There is a huge selection and going on the quality of our Gone Piggin’! sugar poke I will definitely be back. Whatever your budget you will find an ideal present for someone that shouts out how much you care about them.

Sugar Poke is all about quality. The product is well wrapped so everything arrived safely, Percy the gingerbread biscuit was individually wrapped so no danger bestowed the little fellow. Well until eldest set eyes on him of course, then it was chomp, off with your head…

Everything is beautifully packaged and the contents are tasty and mouth watering, so given all this I am pleased the price is manageable even for our budget, £17.99 including 1st class
postage and a free greeting card! I do
not think I will be at a loss come birthdays/Christmas anymore…

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