TOMY Big Auto Loader Review

When I saw the contents of the box I thought blimey this
looks a little tricky but hubbie soon mastered laying out the track and getting
everything in place. The boys were
pretty excited, they love construction vehicles, so seeing a skip loader, a
dumper truck and digger go about their jobs on the site was quite

We liked seeing the handover
as the motorised chassis moved along picking up the interchangeable vehicle frames. I was surprised by how smooth running it all was; it skilfully
takes the “rocks” full circuit round the construction site. You can cleverly re-route the vehicle at any
time by pressing down on the blue buttons dotted around the site, so your children can feel quite involved in the process.

the only real way to explain it clearly is by a small video, so you can see for
yourself how it all happens. Hubbie,
the boys and myself were more than happy to watch it go around again and again,
as it is really quite impressive.

your children are interested in vehicles and builders and your looking for
something slightly different for them, this toy would tick all your boxes (I
know every household seems to have a plastic hardhat tucked in a toy box, but
how many have this, a real working site to “oooohh” over!).

is very educational showing the importance of each vehicle for finishing a
job. The order it must be completed to
work effectively also helps your child think logically. You could also explain more about the different types of jobs, like hauling, tipping, scooping as the vehicle works its way round.

Aimed for children aged 3+, hopefully by that age your child has stopped
putting little things up their nose and in their ears! I still keep a close eye on my youngest
though as the “rocks” are quite small and he likes to torment me.

Big Auto Loader with an RRP of £19.99 is a fun and engaging present for any
child. I have just seen it in the
Debenhams sale for £11.00, at that price it would be good time to get your
Christmas shopping started! Everyone
loves a bargain. (Update: this is now out of stock sadly!).

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