Tomy Octopals Review

reviewing Sonic Tomy kindly sent a bath toy for my boys to put through its
paces. Luckily it required no
batteries, so my boys could enjoy it even with the E.ON no electronic toys challenge! Phew something to distract
them in these hard times 😉

bath set was great fun, with the water squirting from the cute colourful baby
Octopals all over the place. So plenty
of giggles, belly laughs and sneaky squirts of mummy and daddy!

was a perfect way to entice them into the bath. Some children have a reluctance to bathe, they worry about the
water splashing in their faces especially their eyes, but this set is so much
fun you will find their confidence with the water increasing. They can use the pouring Octopus Mummy over
their heads to get used to the trickling water, being so distracted with all
the entertaining elements of the toy, they will soon be more brave.

They are very educational too, each Octopal is numbered,
so you could ask your child to pass you a certain number or get them to place
them in order on their floating Octopus Island. I am trying to develop the ability with numbers of my youngest so
this has come at an ideal time. If he
thinks I am giving him a “lesson” he shuts off, but playing with this toy he
quite happily got involved, even impressing me and doing his numbers in Welsh.

your bathroom is looking slightly drab, the Octopals, which easily stick on to the
tiles or bath, can really brighten it up! 
I was impressed with the suction. I also think they will be simple to keep clean as the water is easy to empty from the squirters and the rest of the toy could be wiped down. So when its my turn in the bath I do not have to share that previous indulgent time with some mould ridden octopus! Hooray for that.

for 12 months+ this is a great toy when you’re struggling to decide what you
can buy your little one. A huge plus is
the retail price, currently on Amazon for £8.95; I was shocked to see it so
cheap. I thought it would have been
around £20 and would have happily paid that price. Snap it up and start your
Christmas shopping early or just as a treat to bring merriment back to bath

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