WDTV Live Streaming Media Player Competition

After my glowing review of the WDTV Live Streaming Media
Player I am now teaming up with WD to co-host a rather fabulous competition,
for not one but FOUR of these very clever Media Players as prizes. How very generous of WD and such an exciting
opportunity for four lucky people to see how useful these players are!

this competition you need to head to their facebook page and enter here by midnight on the 8th of July.

There will be eight multichoice questions with 2
for each correct answer. Two
of the questions have answers you can find on my site, to give you a little
helpful hint leave open my about me section and the review itself before
heading to the competition.

for the other six questions I am sorry I am completely in the dark, but at an
educated guess I would probably have the WD website open ready. The reason I want my lovely followers
prepared before you open the competition link is if two participants have gathered the same amount of
points, the one who needed less time to answer the questionnaire will be placed
before the other.

As a bonus WD are also awarding you for getting
friends to enter the competition, least its capped at a reasonable level of
twenty friends (1 point given per friend).

So all I have left
to say is do not miss out on this amazing competition, the Media Players are
worth about £74.98 each. The price from
Dabs has gone up since my review, so you know when your getting a great product
not only does it hold its price it gets slightly more expensive! I think everyone is starting to see the
benefit of owning one of these beauties. 

I think every family should have one so children can
watch Netflix effortlessly on the TV and you save a fortune on what you used to
pay out for Sky. But that is just one
of the extremely beneficial features, there are plenty more that make this an
exciting piece of kit whatever your entertainment needs.

25 thoughts on “WDTV Live Streaming Media Player Competition

  1. I would love to win this prize, I was watching a review of this on Click the other day and thought I should get one. Shared on FB. 

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