Why I love tea?

Tea is very soothing. 
A good cuppa seems to help me unwind after a stressful day. Somehow the fact youngest has spent the day
kicking his friends, jumping off the sofa then landing hard against my hip and
almost flooring me and emptying every draw/cupboard and scattering the contents
far and wide around the house, for me to enjoy tidying later… pales in
significance… all I think is the boys are asleep, my teapot is at the ready.

indulgent sip and I can feel my troubles lifted. Even more so if its combined with a giant slab of cake. Together I am ready to face whatever
tomorrow will throw at me (and usually quite literally when it comes to my

could give up alcohol without a moment’s hesitation but anything to do with tea
or cake would be an outright struggle. 
I love the idea of afternoon tea, little dainty sandwiches and stacks of
cakes; my dream would be to enjoy that in the Ritz… (Eyes glaze over and start
drooling at the thought of it!).

you’re stuck for a present for someone judging by the reaction my friend had to
my new fancy teapot (I am sure she would have tried to swipe it if I had turned
my back!) I have a feeling tea gifts might be the way to go. If you treat your friend to a gift like
that, you might benefit from being invited over for a high tea!

London Pottery Company Red and White Spot Teapot has pride and place in my
kitchen, I cannot fail to raise a smile at its cheery colour. All I think is in order is a visit to a tea shop to get some fancy tea to complement it…

received this lovely new teapot for sharing my love of tea with the world.

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