Back to School with Stuck on You

We were sent a delightful bundle of goodies from Stuck on You to get us ready for the new school year. 
It is great having everything personalised and there was lots of
appreciative sounds from my two when they laid eyes on everything! When it comes to personalisation you also
have plenty of choice, so you can be sure to find a design that will really
appeal to the interests of your child. 
Youngest loves the lion on the Circus Boy theme!

slap watch was my personal favourite. I
would highly recommend them as they fit little wrists perfectly and then can be
adjusted as they grow, so will last them a very long time. Great motivation to learn to tell the time
with the incentive of owning a fabulous new watch! Eldest is much more receptive to getting ready on time, now I can
explain and show him on his watch how long he has left. Am hoping the chaotic morning rush to school
might be a thing of the past! The wrap
around to secure it is very clever, especially for a young child who might not
be able to manage a watch buckle. Much
easier and a lot less fiddly! Priced at
£24.99 I do think these are a worthwhile purchase and would make an ideal gift.

drink bottles have already saved me heaps of money. I have been taking the boys to the local leisure centre three
times a week lately and buying Ribena cartons for them at 70p each, I am now
saving £4.20 a week taking their new bottles. 
I would normally be begged to buy from the vending machine when they are
thirsty, but even when their friends are having from there just me saying you
have your lovely bottles with you has been enough to stop that expensive
habit! They cost £15.99 so would soon
pay for themselves. They are
exceptionally strong, being made from stainless steel so no danger of breaking
them if your child drops them (your more likely to hurt your foot than the
bottle!). Reassuringly BPA free, which is a huge plus point!

hairbrush is a little expensive at £16.99 but if you have a reluctant groomer
with hair very much in need of taming, having their name and a sweet picture
might be just what coaxes them to let you brush! I know youngest keeps reaching for his anyway and doing his best
to keep his hair tidy anyway. My mum is
pleased to see he is taking better care of himself, as although he loves Lions
we do not want his hair resembling a lion’s mane! But this is a good quality product and a nice addition to our

Backpacks my boys were sent went down a treat, they hold plenty and no danger
of ending up in lost property with their names on it. They cost £29.99 and are available in Navy, Pink or Red. The backpacks fit comfortably on your child
and the straps can be adjusted. The
best part is all the separate sections to zip up so they can easily find
whatever they need without having to tip out ALL the contents from one over
crowded main section! Eldest has a
cheaper bag at the moment but it does not have five sections to store school
items and an area to store his drink bottle. 
So I think it is worthwhile investing in a slightly more expensive bag
to make sure your child is comfortable and happy on their first day (and the
fact they can have their name on and a design of their choosing makes it even
more special!!!).

to Stuck on You we should now arrive to school on time, looking smart and
prepared for the day ahead (with everything needed stowed safely and neatly in
their wonderful new bags!). Both my
boys cannot wait for their first day back to show of their new items.

sure you check out their website now and order in time for school, they have some
great name labels very original and likeable to children.

am offering one lucky winner the chance to get a little more prepared by
winning a back pack and a drinks bottle personalised to your child’s
liking! This price is worth £45.98,
which is very generous of Stuck on You (thank you!). So fill out the rafflecopter below by the 14th of
August to have a chance of scooping up this marvellous prize.
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122 thoughts on “Back to School with Stuck on You

  1. This is fab! My 2 boys go back to school in a few weeks so this would be great! Really love the dinosaur bottle! 

  2. Love the water bottles, love that there personalised, stops getting them mixed up, fab review, fab products x

  3. This would be ideal for my grandson who is starting school next month.  We have been looking for one like this and this is fab so would love to win,

  4. I have a son on his way to nursery and daughter a new year at school. Last year we went through I dont remember how many drinks bottles! And this year is the 1st year shes allowed a backpack – imagine the look on her face taking this snazzy design! I remember the slap bracelets, in fact we found 1 recently in the charity shop and the kids love playing with it 🙂

  5. School bags and their contents are so important to children they are part of their identity in school. They don't have to be expensive, but do need to be personal and fit everything needed. When I have a new class I like to do an ice breaker about their school bags. Some children feel left out without a new one for the start of the session. I tell them these bags are the experienced soldiers ready to train the new bag recruits when we are busy working in class. I think choosing and talking about a new school bag is a good opportunity to talk to my own child about anything that might be worrying them about the new term. I would love to win as a 'won' bag would be a whole new talking point. . .

  6. fab comp, my daughters school bag totally reflect them they are filled with girly things and got her fave moshlings attached to it!!!

  7. I remember wearing slap on bracelets when I was younger, I can't remember what we used to call them though.

  8. What a fab idea! I have twins and they often end up fighting over whose belongings are whose, personalisation would solve all our fights!

  9. I love the fact you can personalise them. My son's name is slightly unusual so you will never find it pre-printed. What a cool prize!

  10. These took great, my daughter is starting school in september and this would be fab to help her find her bits and bobs x

  11. Morning, yes me again, yes it does save money. on drinks, its scary, games nearly over, where does a year go?, sun is trying to come out, forecast for this area good for weekend, got a selection of gran children, at various stages of the weekend, so thanks, have a great weekend

  12. Personalising school gear is essential and I'm always on the look out for good value items that my children would be happy to use.  I will definitely be investigating Stuck on You.

  13. Wonderful prizes, and when our granddaughter is just starting nursery, personalised equipment is an essential.

  14. brilliant products for back to school the amount of items i have had to replace over the years is just silly, my fault for never getting round to labelling everything 🙂

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