bizzybee Review

As I have mentioned before my cleaning talent is limited,
my attitude to household chores very lacklustre. My disposition far removed from sparkling (much like the state of
the house!), I get down to cleaning out of sheer necessity!

I did double take the package from bizzybee you do not expect cleaning products
to look glam… and these were quite lovely, with glittery scourers, pink spotty
gloves and nice pastel coloured cleaning clothes. I was a little bit excited to don the gloves and clean something,
anything, just to see the products in action. 
Although eldest had other ideas, he pinched the gloves and later he
decided to give the coffee table a good clean with a purple cloth.

these can inspire the boys, who do not know the meaning of tidy up and put
away, then these cloths and gloves must be quite something!

be honest I have never seen pretty cleaning supplies before, but it definitely
takes some of the monotony out of cleaning.

cloths were very absorbent, it does not take long in our house to test out
something like this, because we are guaranteed multiple spillages a day from
youngest, who have mastered the knack of knocking his drink on the carpet into a fine art!

products are not just attractive they are functional too. You can even buy moisturising gloves, as a
busy parent (juggling working part time and this blog) I struggle to fit in
cleaning never mind a beauty regime, least this way I can manage both! My hands will be softer and younger looking
with the built in natural moisturiser protecting them. How very clever indeed… they say you can
tell how old someone is from the condition of their hands, I think I needed to
invest in decent gloves to do the chores as I must look about ninety!

microfibre cleaning kit made light work on our mirrored wardrobes, from the
picture showing half done and half to go, I am embarrassed it was in such a
state… luckily these cloths are great the trap the dirt and do not make you rub
it around like some cheaper inferior cloths and being lint free your not
leaving unattractive little dirty bobbles everywhere. A little bit of water and hardly any elbow grease and our house
is starting to take shape.

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Head to the website for some cleaning tips (must bookmark
this I could do with the help!) and further information.

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