Bobble Bots Review

We were sent some Bobble Bots Moshi Monsters to
review. They use Hexbug Nano vibration
technology to buzz around. They are
very collectable with plenty to choose all with unique and individual
personalities. Very bright and
colourful, they would make lovely little stocking fillers for Christmas. A toy your child can put down and watch zoom
off (ideally on hard surfaces, like laminate floors, tables and books, as
carpets they become sluggish or just buzz on the spot!).

did not realise till reading the press release that each of the individual
packaged Moshlings comes with secret codes to unlock fresh new content on the
online virtual world of So definitely remember to get your codes
BEFORE you have added the cardboard to the recycling bin (and its wet and
squishy from the rain!).

has enjoyed carrying DJ Quack around in his pocket everywhere.

DJ Quack thought he had his work cut out
entertaining the youngest, then he went from the frying pan into the fire and
regretted his concerns now he was a play thing for a big black panther…

entertainment for children and cats alike!

nano’s you can also get a run, but no ordinary run would do for these bubbly
characters they have actual replica streets, buildings and houses found online
in Monstro City. Some of them look
quite spectacular. Although I cannot
comment on how easy they are to put together or anything further as we had the
characters not the buildings. I
wouldn’t mind scurrying around the Moshi Monsters House (£29.99) though.

would be a fun addition to your schedule of party games at any birthday; you
could have one each to race. I know it
would be a welcome change for me not having to wrap what feels like a million
layers for pass the parcel! Anything to
avoid wrapping lethargy! Plus this
would be one game children are not normally expecting so would be talked about
for a long time afterwards I am sure!

to buy from Toys R Us for £5.99

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