Car Boot Sales Banter

at a car boot you expect to hear the joy a certain item might bring to your
life, how it is a must read book or a film you just have to watch! Instead my friend upon me picking up
anything from her stall, said things like “waste of time reading that one” and
“that film is still in its wrapper because its got a rubbish plot”…

So worst sales pitch of the year goes to my lovely friend and fellow blogger Katie Cupcake. I think she should stick to
cakes, she could never run them down as she does a particularly fine job when it comes to baking.

We left a considerable few pounds lighter in money but a
lot heaver in weight, with an assortment of treasure that the boys insisted
they needed…

Yet another plastic hammer for their growing DIY collection and a Dora ball not even in the picture – So more toys to slowly fill the house to capacity! yippee!

Nothing like a good car boot and a chance to indulge my
tombola habit, especially when it’s for a very good cause as an old friend of
mine was raising money for Great Ormond Street Hospital.

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