Cawston Press Kids’ Blends Review

We were sent samples of the lovely new children’s drink
range from Cawston Press, we packed them in our bag on arrival and headed off
out for a hike in the woods.

slowly breaking our backs carrying the boys when they got tired we needed to
stop for a thirst quenching drink, luckily these cartons were quite delicious
even for us grownups!

But to be honest
I did not expect any less as we had already favourably reviewed the larger
cartons and sparkling bottles from the range, you can refresh your memory of
that review here. Again as with the
previous products only apples picked and pressed within 48 hours are used to
make these drinks, so only the best for your little scamps.

would make a lovely addition to lunchboxes and with going back to school
literally round the corner now, its time to think about all the essentials
ready for their return to school (and our return to sanity!). Thankfully each of these cartons equates to
one of your five fruit a day, so feeling better that I have managed to get some
goodness in me today! I have been
slightly negligent on the fruit front myself, so a quick drink is a very easy
way to remedy that!

cartons meet school-approved standards, using a combination of 75% fruit juice
and 25% water, meaning they are not quite as sweet and sickly as juice can
sometimes be and more refreshing. The
jury was out on which of the two flavours was most popular in our family, we
had the in-laws with us and their foster kids and it was a pretty even divide
between the Pear and the Mango flavours. 
So give them a try and see which you prefer.

The drinks are being
stocked in Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and Ocado, with an RRP of £1.79 for a
three-carton pack.

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