Coiledspring Games Review

were sent a great selection of educational games by Coiledspring Games. Despite us owning cupboard full upon
cupboard full of games I had never heard of this publisher and distributor
before. I am glad reviewing has brought
us this chance, as the games they sent really do help develop early maths.

We were sent two of the Zingo games – named so as they are
Bingo with Zing! Well they are fast
paced and fun that’s for sure. Eldest
relished his role as dealer, operating the device to reveal the cards
then sliding unclaimed tiles back into the Zinger through the slots. He felt important and kept him focused on
playing the game. If you have a few
children playing you could take it in turns so everyone has a chance to deal.

Zingo Number Bingo 1-2-3 (RRP £15) had two sides to playing cards, an easy and
a hard side. So a 4+ can happily play
but later they can swap to the harder side, older siblings could also use the
harder side to give the younger players a sporting chance of winning. So a very versatile game, that will last
your children a considerable time. The
hard side has simple addition to do to get a number first, so it is a challenge
for them, but makes it more nail biting as you quickly have to calculate the
answer to see if you need the numbers before calling them!

is a simple game to get started and also requires no batteries, which is always
a welcome change, because feeding our current games and toys battery habits is
an expensive business!

your child cannot read the numbers there are items to add up so they could
still contribute and enjoy the game and they will soon recognise the number
words as they play regularly.

calls the number first gets to add it to their board and the first to complete
the board is the winner and must shout ZINGO! 
Eldest won and he was very pleased with himself. One thing with all our board game playing we
have yet to achieve is helping eldest be a gracious loser, so its quite good he
did win! Oh my does he sulk, but I
think he is getting slightly better.

other Zingo game helps develop language with lots of words but again as there
are also pictures a younger child will be able to play a part no problem.

is an entertaining maths game; you roll a dice and then use the other 5 dice
(once rolled) to make the number on the first dice. So if you roll a 7 on dice 1 then the other dice might have a 3
and a 4 or a 1 and a 6 so you get points for the combinations you spot. These points then move you round the playing

Mathdice (RRP £6) were pitched at children 6+, but our 5 year old could play
fine. We just altered the game
slightly, so instead of both players making combinations at the same time and
the quickest getting the point we gave him more time by each person picking all
the combinations they could in a turn, then play moving on to the next player.

in our bundle we had set (RRP £10), which was a game of visual perception. It has a very 80’s feel hubbie said and so
it came as no surprise when I spotted 1988 on the back! This will be great for when eldest is
slightly older, it is 6+ but even hubbie said he needed more time reading the
rules before we played properly! I
think he just had board game letharthgy after our epic session (that and
bedtime was overdue, it was already 8pm!). I think we will
be returning to this one soon to help the cogs in our brain do some quick
thinking, matching up the cards into sets based on colour, symbol and shading.

the Coiledspring Games are available from a wide range of stockists.

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