CuddleUpPets Review

My youngest was sent the
yellow dog from the CuddleUpPets range from Flair. These are very soft and sweet interactive blankets. The dog head was a puppet you could place
your hand inside and then transform your new friend to life. I opened and closed his mouth like he was
talking, put on a silly voice and my son cuddled him even tighter!

These are aimed for children
aged 18 months + so would make a lovely comforter to wrap around themselves and
help with establishing routines. 
Children thrive on routine you are less likely to have a struggle on
your hands if children know what to expect at naptime and bedtime. Some of my friends children go to bed very
late, but mine are so used to their set bedtime habits, bath, milk, story with
their much loved toys (youngest has Lion, eldest has Butter the bunny) and goodnight
kisses. Then they are so relaxed they
drift off to sleep without any trouble (that and I purposely make sure they are
exhausted, by lots of activities and fresh air in the day!). My two are more partial to getting up early
mind, so do not think I am being smug haha! 
I do not know what a lie in is anymore.

I have a feeling Yellow Dog
will be the new firm favourite and Lion might end up relegated to the toy bag! Yellow Dog was taken on a
sleepover at the grandparents last night, which is quite the honour. But how can anyone resist these, they are
like a loved toy, but much bigger, they can be wrapped around them and soothed
and comforted before falling to sleep.

With winter on the not to
distant horizon (sorry everyone I know we haven’t had much summer yet!) a
blanket to snuggle into will be a welcome addition to any home. Owning a new puppet blanket will keep them
warm and cosy whilst they watch TV, have story time, or even travel in the

With six colourful blankets in
the range (Yellow Dog we had, Pink Poodle, Brown Bear, Blue Elephant, Purple
Monkey and Green Crocodile) you can make sure your littlies have different
ones so there are no arguments! 
Sometimes I want to wave a white flag about over how my two go to war, so
having things they know are clearly theirs seems to reduce the tension!

The blankets can be machine
washed on a cold setting; so great that you can keep them clean and fresh for
plenty more cuddles and kisses to come.

They cost just £19.99 and
are available to buy from Amazon.

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